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CircleCity: City Vs. World
Directed By IAmBagel
Ralf Hat
Written By IAmBagel
Ralf Hat
Starring Nolan North
Rob Paulsen
Ralf Hat
Daniel Craig
Music By Tyler Bates (score)
Ralf Hat (songs score)
Production Company Typewriter Productions
Distributed By Warner Bros.
Release Dates June 3, 2016
Running Time 115 minutes
Budget $25 million
Box Office $150 million
Country United States of America
Language English

CircleCity: City Vs. World is a 2016 adult animated musical action comedy political satire film based off of the CircleCity television series. The film follows the titular characters from the series becoming caught up in a third world war as a result of a series of actions committed by Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. In order to restore peace to their nation, Lloyd, Derp and the rest set out to end the duo's presidency, but become sidetracked by a nuclear bomb plot, American society and Lloyd's perspective on America. The film provides commentary on the political and social issues that are affecting America as of late, particularly lampooning the 2016 Presidential candidates as well as how American society overall functions and behaves. The film was released on June 3, 2016, and received positive reviews from critics, with critics praising it's commentary on the state of America as well as it's humor and songs, but criticizing it's runtime and certain political messages. The subjects and ideas presented in the film later lead to certain controversies. As of December 2016, it is the highest-grossing R-rated animated film.


The 2016 American Presidential election ends in a tie between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, which results in both becoming president and leading the country. The two take complete control of America and corrupts the country beyond belief, turning it into a near omnicidal wasteland. Amongst the general chaos of the new America, the duo attempts to build a wall around the crime-ridden city of CircleCity, citing it as a "dangerous crime orgy". However, using political loopholes, Mayor Royam turns CircleCity into it's own nation separate from America. While in his new power, however, Trump and Clinton manipulate Royam into sending various threats to other countries, which eventually leads to an all-out war with every country in the world. Wanting society to return to normal, Lloyd, Derp and the rest attempt to end the war along with the duo's presidency, however, they find themselves sidetracked by a nuke plot by Trump, America's corruptive society and Lloyd's perspective on America.


The film opens with a montage of many heinous acts being committed in America, including murder, police brutality, terrorist activity, riots, racial discrimination, etc. The montage ends with "Warner Bros. Pictures Presents", followed by a blank screen displaying the text "a cautionary tale".

In the crime-ridden, broken-city of CircleCity, we see various citizens taking note of the upcoming election while singing about their opinions on America and each candidate (Election!). As the song ends, we then suddenly cut to a news report on the presidental election, describing who the candidates are and reminding viewers that election day begins the following week: Tuesday, November 8. The news report suddenly cuts to black and is changed to a porn channel as we see that it is being displayed on Lloyd and Derp's television. Lloyd scolds Derp for changing the channel, but Derp protests and states that they need "something more appropriate for the election party". Lloyd begins to argue, but backs out almost immediately and heads towards the balcony of their apartment. As Derp prepares for their election party, Lloyd looks over the balcony and views the city, where various crimes are seen being committed. Lloyd sighs as he pulls out his phone to watch part of the Presidental debate.

At the debate itself, Donald Trump begins to go on his usual rants about the wall, immigration, terrorists, etc. The person running the debate then gives Trump his next question, asked by "Redneck McTexas": if elected president, what will you do involving the most crime-ridden city in the world: CircleCity? Trump, getting flashbacks of his previous escapade in the city, begins to sweat nervously and ignores the question, requsting the debate to be paused. Hillary gives a snarky remark while Trump walks out for a smoke. Mike Pence, his running mate, questions what's going on, and Trump explains that "that fucking crime armpit is going to cost me the election", while explaining what happened during his last visit there: "some jackass discovered my true intentions to become President, and the rest of those citizens caught onto it. And called me a jackass. If that information gets out, I'm totally fucked". The two argue about it before Pence tells him to just "get rid of the city someway, publically", explaining that since he already has most American citizens supporting him, he can publically announce his intention to rid the city from America with everybody on his side regardless, noting how America already views CircleCity as a wasteful crime dump. Trump agrees, tells Pence to come up with a "fuckin' huge campaign" for it, and walks back into the debate as a new man. Hillary gives him a look, knowing that something is up.

At Lloyd and Derp's election party, many citizens begin to show up for the occasion, including a majority of minor and recurring characters. As Derp and the others have a good time, he notices Lloyd slumped outside the balcony of their room. Derp goes up to him and ask what he's "bitchy" about now, and Lloyd states that he has given up on American society. Derp ponders why, and Lloyd simply points to all the crime, discrimination, and downright idiocracy right in front of them. Slumping even more, Lloyd ponders why society is like this, and Derp simply replies that everyone takes their differences way too seriously and that deep down inside "everyone's a jackass". Not feeling any better, Lloyd states that he thinks society as it is can never be fixed, and Derp disagrees, stating that "I'm sure one of the candidates can whip America back into shape". Lloyd groans "don't even get me started on that horseshit", insulting both candidates and complaining about how they're only going to do furthur damage to American society. Derp is about to argue with him, but stops himself, pats Lloyd on the back and walks back to the party.

3 days pass and the city is becoming more involved in the election: ads everywhere, supporters and rioters surrounding the streets, 





When the first cut of the film was released to the MPAA, it was given the NC-17 rating. About 1 minute of the film (mostly from the casino fight scene) had to then be cut down and re-edited in order to give the film an R rating. The film also faced certain censorship issues when being released to certain countries, most notably China, who banned the film from being shown in cinemas due to "excessive violence". Taiwan, who never even aired the television series to begin with, also banned the film due to it's graphic violence.

The film faced censorship issues in Singapore, where 2 minutes of the film had to be cut and edited. 

The film was almost banned in the country of Russia due to it's portryal of Vladimir Putin, the current President of Russia. Certain scenes involving him were cut in order to give the film a "proper" release.


The first trailer for the film was released on November 17, 2015. The film's second trailer was released on February 4, 2016, and a third one was released on April 2, 2016.

From October 2015 to March 2016, many viral clips were uploaded to the film's official website. These clips, which parody many presidental ad campaigns, feature celebrities and characters from the show voicing their support for Donald Trump and his plan to build a wall around CircleCity, while others focused on other characters rallying their support for Hillary Clinton.


The film had it's world premiere showing in Philadelphia on May 27, 2016. The film's crew and a majority of the cast attended the premiere.

Box Office

Pre-release tracking suggested that the film would open in the $20-25 million range on it's opening weekend. However, the film grossed $14,902,203 on it's opening day, beating studio expectations and opening at #1 at the box office. It remained #1 for the overall weekend with an estimated gross of $38,862,226, the biggest opening weekend for an R-rated animated film. The film dropped to the #4 spot on it's second weekend and grossed $20,574,745, a 47% decline. On it's third weekend, it remained in the #4 spot but fell 56%, grossing $9,072,961.

Critical Reception

The film currently holds an 80% rating on Rotten Tomatoes based on 129 reviews, with the consensus stating "City Vs. World will most likely result in various political outcries and controversies, but it backs up it's hard-hitting political messages with raunchy humor and a charming cast" The film holds a 67% on Metacritic based on 39 reviews, indicating "generally favorable reviews". Critics commonly praised its commentary on the state of America, as well as its musical numbers and humor, but criticized certain plot elements and themes, as well as its overlong runtime.


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Awards and Nominations

Year Association Category Nominee(s) Result
2017 Annie Awards
Voice Acting in a Feature Production
Nolan North as Lloyd Nominated
Music in a Feature Production
Tyler Bates and Ralf Hat Nominated


CircleCity: City Vs. World Vs. Soundtrack
Soundtrack album by various artists
Released May 31, 2016
Recorded 2015-2016
Genre Film soundtrack, film score
Label WaterTower Music
Producer Tyler Bates
Ralf Hat

A soundtrack containing songs from the film and the film's score entitled CircleCity: City Vs. World Vs. Soundtrack was released on May 31, 2016. Tracks 1-10 contain songs featured in the film, while tracks 11-29 contains the film's score, composed by Tyler Bates. The score for the musical numbers was composed by Ralf Hat, whom is the composer on the actual series.

No. Title Performer(s) Length
1. Election! 2:20
2. Republicrats 1:50
3. Lady and the Trump 1:50
4. Razor Road TBA
5. Rootin' for Putin TBA
6. Patriotic Penis 2:50
7. Fuck Russia TBA
8. Trade Center no Terror TBA
9. TBA
10. World Painted Blood Slayer 5:54
11. Election Party/Trump's Dilemma Tyler Bates 4:12
12. Build a Wall/Election Results 2:36
13. CircleNation 1:00
14. Bomb Russia 1:42
15. World War 3 2:30
16. The Clinton Clit Slit 1:10
17. Chase 3:21
18. Lesbian Biker Gang 1:12
19. Internal Conflicts 0:50
20. Corruptive Influence 1:50
21. Freedome 2:00
22. Fire All Gunpowder 1:45
23. Fuck America 5:12
24. Osama 4:35
25. Trumptropolis 3:34
26. Casino Battle 9:11
27. The Nuke 2:03
28. Farewell Fuckhead 5:13
29. We Will Rebuild 3:01

Home media

CircleCity: City Vs. World was released on Digital HD on October 11, 2016, and was released on DVD, Bluray and Ultraviolet on November 8, 2016.

Television broadcast

Vision will air the film during it's Sundown block in early 2018. AnimeNation has picked up the Japanese television rights for it to air in Western Domination.


Television film sequel

After the box office success of City Vs. World, Firebasket Studios (then RaGE-Typewriter) was interested in doing their own CircleCity film. They decided on doing a television film as it was cheaper and wanted to prove to producers of Typewriter that they can make a film. The film will not be a direct sequel to City Vs World.

Theatrical sequel

In late 2017 it was reported that Firebasket Studios and Typewriter Productions will co-produce a theatrical film to be released in 2020, in time for the show's 20th anniversary.

International information

Country Release date Rating Gross
United States of America June 3, 2016 R (brutal and graphic bloody violence, pervasive language, crude and sexual content and alcohol and drug use) $112,402,736
Canada June 3, 2016 18A(British Columbia, Manitoba, Ontario, Alberta, Saskatchewan) 14A(New Brunswick, Newfoundland) 16+ (Quebec) N/A
Australia June 23, 2016 MA15+ (Strong bloody violence, strong language, crude humor and sexual references) AU$13,785,809 ($10,485,339)
New Zealand June 23, 2016 R16 NZ$1,943,056 ($1,402,635)
Argentina June 23, 2016 16 Arg$12,149,250 ($906,302)
Mexico June 24, 2016 C Mex$58,574,989 ($3,155,623)
France June 29, 2016 12 €2,613,913 ($3,032,665)
Netherlands June 30, 2016 16 €1,108,467 ($1,361,767)
Hungary June 30, 2016 18 TBA
Singapore July 7, 2016 R21 (Graphic violence, crude humor, strong coarse language) TBA
Russia July 7, 2016 18+ TBA
South Korea July 7, 2016 15 TBA
Italy July 7, 2016 VM18 TBA
Germany July 7, 2016 FSK 16 €8,425,128 ($9,401,366)
Greece July 7, 2016 18 TBA
United Kingdom July 8, 2016 18 (Excessive bloody violence, frequent strong language and crude sexual references.) £12,087,558 ($15,972,582)
Ireland July 8, 2016 16 (Very strong violence, strong language) (shared with UK gross)
Brazil July 8, 2016 16 TBA
Philippines July 8, 2016 R-18 TBA
Portugal July 8, 2016 M/18 €523,366 ($549,018) 
South Africa July 8, 2016 18 11,712,922 ZAR ($830,115)
Spain July 8, 2016 18 €3,082,596 ($3,671,528)
Malaysia July 8, 2016 18 MYR2,425,526 ($591,374)
Norway July 8, 2016 15 TBA
Belgium July 8, 2016 CAT.2 TBA
Bulgaria July 8, 2016 D TBA
Colombia July 8, 2016 18 TBA
Sweden July 8, 2016 15 TBA
Turkey July 8, 2016 15+ TBA
Iceland July 8, 2016 16 21,859,813 ISK ($192,056) 
Finland July 8, 2016 16 TBA
Indonesia July 14, 2016 17+ TBA
United Arab Emirates July 28, 2016 18+ AED1,788,262 ($486,920) 
Thailand July 28, 2016 18 TBA
Hong Kong August 4, 2016 III TBA
Japan August 6, 2016 R15+ ¥165,813,677 ($1,512,067)


  • The film's working titles were CircleCity: World War 3, CircleCity: Armageddon and simply Trumpmageddon: A CircleCity Film.
  • This is the first film to based off a Vision original series, as well as the first theatrical film to be produced by Typewriter Productions.
  • This film is the first major R-rated animated film to get a wide theatrical release in the United States since 2007's Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film For Theaters.
  • Warner Bros. originally scheduled the film for a Christmas 2015 release, but was then delayed to June 3, 2016, to avoid heavy competition with films opening near the holidays, most notably Star Wars: The Force Awakens.
  • The film is titled CircleCity: City of War and CircleCity: Warzone in most non-English speaking regions. In Japan, however, the film is titled CircleCity: The American Empire Strikes Back.
  • The film recieved a limited release in several European and Asian countries, due to the show itself not being very well-known or mainstream in these countries. These countries include Japan, Thailand, Brazil, etc.