2000 Commercials

SuperBowl 2000 Advertisement

(First Airdate: 1/30/2000 on ABC)

(Nothing but a black screen is shown)

Announcer: Let's take a look into the regular everyday life of the adult.

(We cut to Lloyd and Derp sitting on the couch)

Announcer: Take notice at their intellegent conversations, going into deep detail into their thought and movement.

Derp: *grunts* *points to bag of potato chips*

Lloyd: *groans* *throws bag of potato chips at Derp*

Announcer: Truly a spectacle. It is simply a marvel to view them and their various escapades. It brings a tear to my eye.

(Apartment suddenly explodes)

Announcer: ..Oh yeah, there's explosions too. Because let's face it, adult life is boring.

(Screen cuts to black again as we see the show logo, along with "Summer 2000" under it and the Comedy Central logo)

Teaser Promo

(First Airdate: March 16, 2000 on Comedy Central)


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