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This show, CircleCity, is rated TV-PG, meaning it contains content that may be inappropriate for younger readers.

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This show, CircleCity, is rated TV-14, meaning it contains content that may be inappropriate for younger readers under 14 years of age.

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This show, CircleCity, is rated TV-MA, meaning it contains content that may be inappropriate for younger readers under 17 years of age.

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Genre Adult animation
Animated sitcom
Created By IAmBagel
Showrunners IAmBagel (2000-2004;2012-2017)
Chaossy (2017-2019)
Written By IAmBagel
Ralf Hat
Directed By IAmBagel
Ralf Hat
Starring Nolan North
Rob Paulsen
Peter Cullen
Grey DeLisle
Tom Kenny
Stephen Merchant
Theme Music Composer Ralf Hat
Opening Theme Previous theme (2000-2004)
Current theme (2012-present)
Ending Theme Current Theme (2012-present)
Composer(s) Ralf Hat
Country Of Origin America
Original Language(s) English
№ Of Seasons 12
№ Of Episodes 231
List Of Episodes List of CircleCity episodes
First Aired June 10, 2000 (original series)
June 1, 2012 (revival series)
Last Aired August 27, 2004 (original series)
August 9, 2019 (revival series)
Running Time 21 min.
42 min. (certain episodes)
Picture Format 480i (2000-present)
1080p (HDTV) (2012-present)
Audio Format Advantage Audio Services 8.0
Dolby Surround 5.1 (NTSC)

"Life. Animated." -Tagline

CircleCity™ is an American adult animated comedy series which first aired on June 1, 2000 on Comedy Central. The show revolves around Lloyd Donovan, a recent college graduate who attempts to survive his newfound life in the city of CircleCity, as well as adulthood in general. Despite the show receiving positive reviews and decent ratings, it was abruptly canceled by Comedy Central in 2003, with the show ending it's run on August 27, 2004. In 2010, IAmBagel began negotiations with Typewriter Productions and Vision to allow the series to be revived. The revived series premiered on Vision on June 8, 2012.


The show follows a 21-year-old circle named Lloyd Donovan, who has recently graduated from college and wants to live life to the fullest now that he's an adult. However, after getting forcibly kicked out of his home, he struggles to find a place to live, but ends up in the seemingly normal town of CircleCity, Pennsylvania. With nowhere else to go, Lloyd ends up moving into an apartment within the city, getting a alcoholic roommate named Derp. Along with generally being unprepared for the adult lifestyle, CircleCity itself just so happens to be the most crime-ridden and dangerous city in the United States.

Most episodes focus on the lives of the main characters, specifically Lloyd and Derp, as they deal with relationships, crime, casual life experiences or general oddities.



  • Lloyd: The main protagonist of the series. He is very cynical and pessimistic, mostly due to all the terrible experiences he has endured as a child. He is also very serious and intelligent, almost never acting erratic or inane. His negative view on life often hinders him from doing more with his own life, and often latches onto other people in order to make it through. In the episode Pour Toi, Mon Amour, Madison, he and Madison begin a relationship together, but this ends in the episode Lone, and their friendship remains ambiguous after that. He is purple, which is not very common for a male circle. Voiced by Nolan North.
  • Derp: Lloyd's roommate, who is a hardcore alcoholic. He is practically the opposite of Lloyd: overly kind and friendly, as well as encouraging. He somewhat acts as Lloyd's "life mentor", as he often shows Lloyd the many ups and downs of adulthood. He has an extremely positive view on life, which often clashes with Lloyd's pessimistic view. He is an olive-ish color. Voiced by Rob Paulsen.


  • Fat Bob: Derp's brother, who is an infamous criminal within the city. While he commits numerous crimes, he never truly gets punished for his actions and usually commits criminal acts on a daily basis. He is shown to be extremely rude to others and is an overall self-centered individual, but he does care about his brothers, whom are the only people he truly respects. His life as a criminal mostly stems from his unpleasant childhood, as his step-father was extremely neglectful of his sons, which prompted Bob to shoplift and rob homes in order to supply food for his brothers. He is a sky blue/cyan color, bigger than the other circles, and slightly oval shaped, hence the name, "Fat Bob". Voiced by Peter Cullen.
  • Madison: Lloyd and Derp's next door neighbor within the apartment building. She is a struggling single mother who works 2 jobs and, because of her current life and the way she was raised, struggles to form real relationships and bonds with people. She is an extreme introvert and is overall socially awkward, but is also very friendly and supportive. She is pink, and has a brown dress. As the series progresses, she forms a strong bond with Lloyd and the two become extremely close, which eventually leads into a relationship. This relationship later ends in the episode Lone. Voiced by Grey DeLisle.
  • Moe: A successful restaurant owner and entrepreneur. He is very out of touch with reality because of the way his family raised him, and often aspires to commit criminal acts despite being incapable of doing so. He is yellow, and usually wears a chef hat or an orange hat with his name on it. Voiced by Tom Kenny.


  • Dr. Hurt: The city's only doctor, who is a long-time friend of Madison. He is incredibly vain and self-centered because of his successful job, but is otherwise a nice individual. He is bright teal and usually wears a reflector. Even though they are sort of obsolete, he thinks it looks cool. Voiced by Stephen Merchant.
  • Dustin: A hyperactive and idiotic circle who is obsessed with Power Rangers. It is implied that he has a mental disorder which causes his erratic and borderline psychotic behavior. He frequently teams up with Fat Bob to commit crimes. He is a dark sea blue color and just a tad bit bigger than most of the circles. Voiced by Curtis Armstrong.
  • Mayor Royam: The city's mayor, who is often the antagonist in various episodes. He is very power hungry and believes that the city's criminal activity helps improve their economy and political status. He served as the main antagonist of the series up until Season 9. Voiced by Daran Norris
  • Nancy: A new friend of Lloyd whom he meets at a suicide prevention meeting in Tears of Lloyd. Like Lloyd himself, Nancy is very pessimistic and has a negative view on society. Because of their similar personalities, the two hit it off immediately, and is shown to be very supportive and caring of him and his life. She and Lloyd begin a relationship in Date Knight.
  • Donald Trump/Mecha Trump: The current President of the United States as of The Great Wall of Trump. Trump is extremely aggressive and downright dangerous, often enforcing his political views on others and generally being an annoyance. However, it is implied that Trump has more sinister intentions, which was later revealed in the theatrical film. Voiced by Ralf Hat
  • Osama Bin Laden: Osama Bin laden is a notorious terrorist, who is most famous for being the mastermind behind the 9/11 attacks. After he died in 2011, he became a zombie and briefly became President. He is currently on the streets, dealing to hopefully get himself out of the mess he is currently in. Voiced by Destroyer334545
  • Jessica: An old flame of Derp's, who is an escaped mental patient constantly on the run from the law. She and Derp were childhood friends and began to date in high school, but the two split up after she began a life of crime. However, the two remain close friends. She acts as a parody of "southern trailer-trash" characters. Voiced by Tara Strong.
  • Phil: Lloyd and Fat Bob's step-brother, who is a high-ranking officer within the city. He and Fat Bob frequently clash with eachother due to their opposing status in the crime world, but seems to have a generally good relationship with Derp, and the two are similar personality-wise. Voiced by Greg Eagles.
  • Gunny McGun: Another prominent criminal in the city, who has a strong rivalry with Fat Bob. He is the head of the city's most dangerous drug gang, and seeks to spread criminal influence in the city, and later the entire United States, in order to create a chaos-riddled society. Voiced by Michael Hollick.
  • Racist Dan: Madison's ex-boyfriend, who is an extremely racist and overall bigoted individual. He is infamous in the city for creation various hoaxes and conspiracies, specifically centered around individual races and religions.
  • The Crafty Gentleman: Derp's alter-ego, who takes over Derp's mind whenever Derp goes to Las Vegas. He is professional poker player, who sadistically manipulates people into letting him win games.
  • JEHOVAH MAN: A often drunk and very dangerous member of the Jehovah's Witnesses. He often shows up in the apartment building to preach and spread awareness, and often throws tantrums when people refuse to listen and goes on psychotic rampages.
  • APOSTATE MAN: JEHOVAH MAN'S arch nemesis, who is a regular man with a wife and kids, who JEHOVAH MAN frequently targets. He has grown very paranoid because of JEHOVAH MAN'S surprise attacks on him

Minor Characters

  • Johnny McDong: A weird and downright creepy mascot for a phone company from the 80's, whom Derp often has strange, vivid nightmares about.
  • Clyde and Dank: TBA

Other media


Main article: CircleCity (film series)

During the show's second season, Paramount Pictures, whose parent company Viacom owned Comedy Central (the channel CircleCity was airing on), began negotiating with the show's creators and writing staff on making a theatrical film based on the series. They eventually went into an agreement and Paramount greenlit the film. Production on the film began in November 2002, with the film being titled CircleCity Worldwide, and Paramount later scheduling the film for an April 2004 release. Released on April 16, 2004, the film follows all world leaders banding together to create a unified new government that spreads across all nations and unites the planet together, which in turn causes every country to surrender their identity and culture to the new world order. Suspicious of how this happened, Lloyd and Derp trek across the former nations of the world in order to confront George Bush and restore the Earth to its former chaotic but distinct glory. It grossed $97 million worldwide and received generally positive reviews from critics, but did receive controversy for its portrayal of several real-life issues.

As Season five of the show began airing on Vision, IAmBagel commented on a potential second film, stating that "there's always huge shit going on in the world that could lead to the basis of a second movie, and the crew would always be up for big tasks such as that". Due to the unexpected ratings of the revival seasons thus far, second film was confirmed at the 2014 San Diego Comic-Con, entitled CircleCity: City Vs. World, with its distributor, Warner Bros., scheduling it for a June 3, 2016 release. The film follows Presidential candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton both winning the election, which has sour effects on the world, leading to an all-out war between several countries, with America in the heart of it all. It went on to gross $150 million worldwide, making it the highest-grossing R-rated animated film.

It was announced at SDCC 2016 that there will be a second film based off the DragonCircle arc, which will serve as the finale of the arc. It will be a made for TV animated movie, airing on Sundown.

Rumors were circulating around the internet after the home media release about a third theatrical film because of the success of City Vs. World. Bagel said that "he was done directing CircleCity movies" after directing the last three movies. He was proud of Chaossy's work on DragonCircle, so he approached him if he would like to direct a fourth if he liked to, and Chaossy agreed. Work on the film took place during the last six months of production of CircleCity: A DragonCircle XYZ Adventure, which was set to be released the year after.

At the 2017 Santa Fe Comic Con, it was announced by a surprise panel by Typewriter Productions that pre-production of the next theatrical film was to start that weekend for a 2020 release. A brief synopsis was released by the company later that day.

Video games

Two video games based on the series have been released thusfar. The first one, simply titled CircleCity, is a Grand Theft Auto clone that was developed by Radical Entertainment and released for the Xbox and Playstation 2 on November 18, 2003. The game follows Lloyd and Derp being forced to do criminal biddings for Fat Bob after the duo lose their jobs, which eventually spirals out of control into an all-out crime war between the many druglords and criminals of the city.

The second game, entitled CircleCity: Warzone, is a beat 'em up/hack and slash that was developed by Platinum Games and released for the Xbox One, Playstation 4 and PC on June 23, 2017. The game's plot combines elements from past episodes, including the film, wherein an unknown force causes several rifts within the CircleCity timeline, which results in a present timeline where Trump was successful in launching the nuke, amongst other events. In order to restore their timeline to its proper state, Lloyd and Derp travel through past episodes now affected by the force in an attempt to defeat it. 

Another game was announced at NYCC 2017, which will be another Grand Theft Auto clone titled CircleCity: Crime City. It was in development since the springtime of 2015.


CircleCity has received generally positive reviews from television critics, with praise going towards relateable situations and morals, the characters, and humor. It is generally regarded as a cult-classic. This, however, was not the case during the show's first season, which received mostly mixed reviews. Critics commonly complained that they thought the series was too much like South Park and believed that the show was attempting to cash in on South Park's success. During the second season, the writers intentionally made the show less raunchy and shocking in an attempt to give the show it's own "identity". The series currently holds a 8.3 on the IMdB, along with a 8.7 on

Unlike most series, CircleCity's revival episodes are regarded as equal or better than the originals.

Episodes of the series on IMdB range from 5.9 to 9.1, usually settling in at the 8.0 range


Main article: List of CircleCity controversies


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Country Network(s) Premiere date Timeslot Language
United States Comedy Central
June 10, 2000
• June 1, 2012
• July 3, 2012
Fridays at 8:30 PM (new episodes) (2000-2004)
Weekdays (reruns) (2000-2007)
• Weekdays (reruns) (2004-2009)
Fridays at 10:30 (New Episodes) (2012–present)
• Weekdays (reruns) (2013–present)
Canada Much
July 28, 2000
• June 16, 2012
Fridays at 9:30 PM (new episodes) (2000-2004)
Weekdays (reruns) (2000-2007)
•Saturdays at 9:00 (new episodes) (2012–present) Weekdays (reruns) (2012–present)
United Kingdom & Ireland MTV
Nicktoons 1000
August 4, 2000
• July 7, 2012
• January 7, 2014
Fridays at 8:30 PM (new episodes) (2000-2004)
Weekdays (reruns) (2000-2006)
•Saturdays at 7:30 (new episodes) (2012–present) Weekdays (reruns) (2012–present)
•Weekdays (reruns) (2014–present)
Australia & New Zealand MTV
August 19, 2000
• July, 28 2012
Saturdays at 6:30 PM (new episodes) (2000-2004)
Weekdays (reruns) (2000-2006)
•Saturdays at 8:30 (new episodes) (2012–present) Weekdays (reruns) (2012–present)
Latin America MTV
October 1, 2000
• September 5, 2012
Sundays at 9:30 PM (new episodes) (2000-2004)
Weekdays (reruns) (2000-2006)
•Wednesdays at 8:30 (new episodes) (2012–present) Weekdays (reruns) (2012–present)
France, Switzerland, & Wallonia MTV
November 2, 2000
• September 6, 2012
Thursdays at 10:00 PM (new episodes) (2000-2004)
Weekdays (reruns) (2000-2006)
•Thursdays at 8:30 (new episodes) (2012–present) Weekdays (reruns) (2012–present)
Japan MTV
September 6, 2001
•January 20, 2013
Thursdays at 11:30 PM (new episodes) (2001-2005)
Weekdays (reruns) (2001-2006)
•Fridays at 10:30 PM (new episodes) (2013-present)
Weekdays at 10:30 PM (reruns) (2013-present)


Parental guide

Main article: CircleCity/Parental info



  • Comedy Central cancelled CircleCity in 2003 due to the channel no longer desiring to fund the show.
  • While the series had many episodes rated TV-PG before it's cancellation, episodes made during the revival have yet to carry this rating, with all episodes now being rated TV-14 or TV-MA. As of season 7, all episodes now carry the TV-MA rating
  • The design of CircleCity itself was inspired by Liberty City from the Grand Theft Auto series
  • Certain countries have banned the series due to it's humor and subject matter, such as China and Taiwan.