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Cilia (show) 
[[Image:Cilia TV Screen|200px]] 
The Show`s Logo 
Genre: Cartoon, Comedy 
Creator: Yvette Kaplan 
Director: Richard Rich 
Developer: Patty Csupo 
Presenter: Yvette Kaplan 
Starring: Roger Smith 
Voices: TBA 
Narrator: Mel Brooks 
Theme composer: Nolan Gerard Funk 
Opening theme: Let Go! 
End theme: Let Go! (Instrumental) 
Number of seasons: 17 
Number of episodes: 54 Per Season 
List of episodes: TBA 
Executive producer: NermalTheBunny 
Producer: Yash Chopra
Aditya Chopra 
Asst. producer: Yvette Kaplan 
Production Company: See here! 
Editor: Scott Anderson 
Location: TBA 
Camera: Steve Tompkins 
Runtime: 30 Minutes 
Original Channel: Nickelodeon 
Picture format: Nick Cannon 
Audio format: KOKO Productions 
First run: 2011-N/A 
First aired: September 5, 2011 
Last aired: N/A 
Preceded by: TBA 
Followed by: TBA 
Related: All 
Offical website: Nickelodeon Fanon Wiki 
Cilia (show) at 
Cilia (show) at
Cilia is a TV cartoon.


The new adventures in the beachfront hotel with Cilia and her friends.


See here: List of episodes of Cilia


  • Cilia: Voiced by Emily Newcombe
  • Max: Voiced by Nathan Kress
  • Silent Rap: Voiced by Jonny Deep (Season 2: Jerry Trainor)
  • Yellow Bear: Voiced by Tara Strong
  • Owen: Voiced by Peter Sallis


  • United States - Nickelodeon, Nicktoons, Cartoon Network, Disney XD (2010–present)
  • Japan - Fuji TV, BS Fuji (2010–present)
  • Canada - YTV, Nickelodeon, Family Channel, Teletoon (2011–present)
  • United Kingdom - Nickelodeon, Nicktoons, Disney XD, Disney Cinemagic, Disney Channel (2011–present)
  • Ireland - Disney Channel, RTÉ Two (2011–present)
  • France - France 3, France 2, France 5, Disney Cinemagic, Disney XD, Gulli (2011–present)
  • Germany - Super RTL, ARD, KI.KA, Disney XD, Disney Channel, Disney Cinemagic (2011–present)
  • Netherlands - Disney XD, Cartoon Network, Omroep Brabant (in Brabantian) (2011–present)
  • Belguim - Ketnet, RTBF (2011–present)
  • Spain - Disney Channel (2011–present)
  • Portugal - Disney Channel, Disney XD, Disney Cinemagic, SIC Kids, RTP (2011–present)
  • Italy - Disney Channel, Disney XD (2011–present)
  • Estonia - ETV (2011–present)
  • Iceland - Sjónvarpið (2011–present)
  • Sweden - SVT, Disney XD (2011–present)
  • Norway - Disney XD (2011–present)
  • Finland - Disney XD, YLE (2011–present)
  • Denmark - Disney XD (2011–present)
  • Austria - ORF (2011–present)
  • Australia - ABC3, Seven Network, Boomerang (2010–present)
  • New Zealand - Disney Channel, Nickelodeon (2010–present)
  • South Africa - Disney Channel (2011–present)
  • Latin America - Disney Channel, Disney XD, Boomerang (2011–present)
  • Mexico - Once TV, Disney Channel (2011–present)
  • Brazil - Disney Channel, Rede Globo (2011–present)
  • Rio de Janeiro (city in Brazil) - TV Record Rio de Janeiro (2012–present)
  • Chile - Disney Channel, Canal 13 (2011–present)
  • Bolivia - Disney Channel, Bolivisión (2011–present)
  • Peru - Disney Channel, TV Perú (2011–present)
  • Venezuela - Disney Channel, Venezolana de Televisión (2011–present)
  • Russia - 2x2, Disney Channel (2011–present)
  • Israel - Logi, Disney Channel (2011–present)
  • Serbia - Disney XD (2012–present)
  • Taiwan - Disney Channel (2011–present)
  • Québec - Vrak.TV (2012–present)
  • Poland - Disney XD (2011–present)
  • Iran - Tehran TV (2012–present)
  • Turkey - Disney Channel (2011–present)
  • Greece - ERT, Disney XD, Disney Channel (2011–present)
  • South East Asia - Disney Channel, Cartoon Network (2011–present)
  • Pakistan - Nickelodeon (2012–present)
  • Croatia - Nickelodeon (2011–present)
  • Switzerland - Nickelodeon (2011–present)
  • China - CCTV, NickToons (2011–present)
  • Africa - Nickelodeon (2012–present)
  • India - Disney Channel, Disney XD, Hungama TV (2012–present)
  • Bangladesh - Desh TV (2012–present)
  • South Korea - Cartoon Network, Disney Channel (2011–present)
  • Philippines - Cartoon Network, Disney Channel, TV5 (2011–present)
  • Romania - Disney Channel (2011–present)
  • Moldova - Disney Channel (2011–present)
  • Hungary - Cartoon Network, Disney Channel (2011–present)
  • Bulgaria - Disney Channel (2011–present)
  • Czech Republic - Disney Channel, Česká televize (2011–present)
  • Slovakia - Disney Channel (2011–present)
  • Ukraine - Disney Channel (2011–present)
  • Chile - Canal 13, Disney Channel (2011–present)
  • Lativa - TV6 (2011–present)
  • Lithuania - Lithuanian National Radio and Television (2011–present)
  • Saudi Arabia - MBC3 (2012–present)
  • Catalonia - Canal Super3 (2012–present)
  • Thailand - BBTV Channel 7 (2012–present)
  • Yemen - Disney XD (2012–present)
  • Middle East - Disney Channel, Al Jazeera Children's Channel (2012–present)
  • Malaysia - Disney Channel, Disney XD, ntv7 (2012–present)
  • Indonesia - Disney Channel, Global TV (2011–present)
  • Myanmar (Burma) - Myanmar International Television (2012–present)
  • Falkland Islands - KTV Ltd. (Nickelodeon) (2012–present)KM

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