Chrome RPG is an online game made by the same creator of Chrome.


Chapter 1: Pencils Are Worse Then Pens

Chrome needs to find a pencil, but it was in his hand all that time bevause it revealed at the end.

Chapter 2: Missing Bagel

Bagel has gone missing, as seen on a 1970's milk cartoon with a piece of new paper on the side saying "MISIG BAJIL" and a hand drawn picture of "Bagel", that "looks like a potato with wings". At the end of the chapter, it is revealed that the player is Bagel in chapter 2 (not chapter 1), and that he posted the new paper on the milk carton because he was bored and wanted something to do: look for himself.

Chapter 3

The creators of the game said that there would be a third chapter released sometime in 2013 or 2014. It will focus around Chrome having an astronaut helmet stuck on his head.

Chrome's Sandbox

Chrome's Sandbox is a DLC for Chrome RPG, where you can make levels and publish them to Chrome's Sandbox was later removed from the game and is now a separate game only available on Chrome's Sandbox

The TurboTime Hacks Again

Since this game is a sequel to Chromeworlds, TurboTime has returned and hacked the website to redirect to "". This was the reason why Chrome's Sandbox was removed. However, TurboTime was later arrested and the website returned to normal, but without TurboTime.

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