Here is where you can write your own review of Chrome's Show of Chromeyness.

If you want to say something negative about the show please don't be rude about it or try and start an argument. Also, please remember that it's only fanon and not real.


Sr. Wario's Review

This show is interesting in the path it takes, a middle between the more serious shows popping up and the classic "lolsofunny" shows. And, for the most part, I like it. The references it makes are very intriguing and unique and I like how it's a kind of comedy where things happen, and humor comes out of how it's mainly just Chrome's life. My suggestions are this: Do away with the transcripts. The dialogue is pretty weak and the synopsis tells the story better, and write your jokes carefully. This isn't that common, but some jokes are really cringe-worthy. Keep working and you could have a pretty great show here.

IAmBagel's Review

CSOC is, without a doubt, Chrome's best work. Similar to what Wario stated, the show takes an interesting path in terms of what it wants to be. And, most of the time, it works really well. A majority of the jokes hits bullseye, a lot of the plots are interesting, and something just always keeps me smiling when reading the scripts this show offers. However, there is a problem I have with this show, and it is a big one: The characters. Most characters don't really feel fleshed out or really have any depth to them, with most of them just saying funny lines but nothing else. I don't have this problem with all of the characters, but I do think that the character portrayals could use some work. Still, this is a really enjoyable show, and one of Chrome's best.


Curiousgorge66's Review

Well, CSOC is famous for roleplays and without a doubt, the best episode since Billy's Moose (both parts) is Supercomputer. The best overall are VECTOR LAND, VECTOR LAND 2, VECTOR LAND 3 and Billy's Moose. As for New City, it's the best setting in one of Chrome's works. And even I gave it a movie (Nick Fanon Journeys: Chrome's Incident of Chromeyness, on Gorge Fanon).





8/10 needs more memes


7.3/10 durr so im so original lolololololol

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