Some parts of Chrome's Show of Chromeyness have been cut out. This article includes deleted scenes and things that were banned in other countries.

Deleted Scenes

I Made It Myself

  • Chrome was originally supposed to search his house for crayons, while getting injured while doing so. This was deleted because of time limits.

Victory Day

  • The puppet show would go on for quite a while longer then it should have.


Challenge Accepted

  • Shem burning the door down with a flamethrower was cut in some states. For those states, Shem appears out of nowhere with the door gone with no explanation.

Victory Day

  • Chrome seeing the Corridor of Doom and Death was cut for use of many weapons and hazards. It was heavily edited to cut the corridor completely, and show Chrome skipping across the carpet to get the paddle-ball.
  • The Gameboy scene was completely cut for being "too scary" for kids in some states, and replaced with the scrapped puppet show scene.


  • Parts of the ENDLESS HALLWAY were cut out in some states.
  • Some citizens were edited to be appropriate for the PG rating in the United Kingdom -- for example the blood on BRVR's tail and The Rake's rake.


  • A sarcastic remark by Nova involving how his bowtie turned red was cut.

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