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Chrome's Show of Chromeyness is an animated television series created by Reggie.

Chrome's Show of Chromeyness 
Genre: Comedy, Adventure, Action 
Creator: TheChromePerson 
Writer: TheChromePerson


Director: TheChromePerson 
Developer: TheChromePerson 
Presenter: TheChromePerson 
Starring: Chrome, Bagel, Invader Rob, Mage, Doug, Daccino, Hope 
Narrator: Kevan Brighting 
Theme composer: Kevin McLeod (We're Heroes Kinda) Reggie (Chrome Song Thing
Opening theme: We're Heroes Kinda 
End theme: We're Heroes Kinda (instrumental) 
Number of seasons:
Number of episodes: 150 
List of episodes: Chrome's Show of Chromeyness/Episodes 
Executive producer: IAmBagel 
Producer: TheChromePerson 
Asst. producer: IAmBagel 
Editor: TheChromePerson 
Location: New City 
Runtime: 22 minutes 
Original Channel: Nickelodeon, Vision, Qwerty Channel, Nicktoons 1000, Nicktoons Go!, MegaNicktoons 
First run: 4/5/2014 
First aired: 4/5/2014 
Last aired: None 
Preceded by: The Bagel Show 
Followed by: None


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  • Chrome is a robot developed by Paradox Science as part of a scientific experiment to create more justice via robotic heroes. However, due to an accident involving a machine used to create Chrome, he was sent to The Void and eventually came to Earth. He is usually courageous, but immature and sometimes cowardly. He formed his own "team" consisting of his friends, who have mixed feelings about the "team" itself.
  • Bagel is a bagel from the planet Foodtopia, and is Chrome's friend. A Space Mouth ate his home planet, but before that he was sent to Earth along with 19 other food babies. He is smaller than Chrome but is brave and courageous just like him. He owns a brown cane that shoots lasers, which is effective in battles.
  • Invader Rob is an Irken and a self-proclaimed invader. He is arrogant, yet smart. He can come up with plans faster than Chrome, and is usually the one who ends up saving Chrome's life in some situations. He can yell at times and be angry.
  • Mage is an evolved human who is forced friends with Chrome, due to him always bothering him. He dislikes Chrome, but tries to encourage him in order for him to become a better hero. He's the most violent out of the group, but also quiet and usually doesn't speak much. He is made fun of due to his lack of a face.
  • Doug is a green puffball resembling Kirby. He is brave, and will usually take any challenge head-on. He is usually squishy and weak, but with his Metal Fists he is stronger than the others and poses a threat towards enemies. He owns a "Dougmobile", which is his car. He also has a "Dougcave", which is his basement. He is friends with the others, and he is somewhat Daccino's idol. He doesn't get along much with Chrome.
  • Daccino is a 12-year-old, never aging human boy. He is introduced in Season 2, and is excited most of the time. His idol is BatDoug, and he has a sidekick identity called Raw Bin, which Chrome dislikes. He's usually cowardly, but can be brave like the others at times. He wants to become a great swordfighter like his deceased father, Nemre.
  • Hope is a 20-year-old blue woman that is introduced in Billy's Moose. She's sarcastic at times and is Chrome's love interest. Hope joined Chrome's group because she wanted to fight evil just like the others. She wears armor that is very light, but strong, and it protects her. She is very agile, as shown when she dodges objects in various episodes.


  • Lord Zorgu is a purple dictator who enslaved the Zorguian race years ago. He resides on Planet Zorguia, but mostly stays on his spaceship which is almost as big as New City itself.
  • Nova is a small, yellow man who is a skilled murderer who is involved in many of the character's backstories. He is one of Chrome's enemies. He can stretch and manipulate himself and others, and could be able to do anything if it weren't for Curator Prime's restrictions on him.
  • Awtoto is Chrome's dog. He barks in an autotuned voice and is very curious.
  • Bell is a white cat with grey stripes.
  • Shem is a conman who once stole Chrome's home. Shem and Chrome have a rivalry because of this and are ironically neighbors. Shem and Chrome have a long history never explained. Shem mostly appears during Season 1.
  • Gorge is a 15-year-old human male.
  • Chrome's Gameboy was an object that was destroyed in Billy's Moose, but brought back in the form of a Gameboy Advance.
  • Chrome's Gameboy Advance
  • Chrome's Wii
  • Chrome's Wii U
  • Chrome's Supercomputer
  • Narrator's Voice of Narratingness is a man who lives in a break room in the sky. He narrates some parts of the episodes.
  • Milkman is a character and seemingly one of the only milkmen left. He has a minor role int the series as a regular milkman, delivery person, pilot and tour guide.
  • Soap is a sentient soap bar that lives next door to Chrome. He is usually cheery and upbeat and wants Chrome to be his friend. Soap has less appearances in the later seasons.
  • President Randy is the president of New Yuth, who is a dinosaur.
  • Toetruk seems to be the only tow truck in New City. Toetruk is painted white with red and blue stripes. Toetruk is always happy and cheery no matter what the situation is.
  • Ronald is the Illuminate leader who acts dimwitted and immature like the rest of the members.
  • Toast Man is an evolved human with a toaster for a head due to a tragic accident. He can be considered a supervillain, and is mostly comic relief. He works for the Illuminate, an unofficial branch of the Illuminati.
  • Chickenfox is Toast Man's dimwitted friend who is a cross between a chicken and a fox. He works for the Illuminate.
  • Frog Thing is a new member of the Illuminate who believes he's a dog at random times. He acts like a stereotypical surfer bro.
  • Van is the Illuminate van that can talk, but cannot move or control itself without a driver. Toast Man seems to genuinely care about Van, even though it gets lost many times during the night when Toast Man is on a mission or sleeping.
  • Red is a clone of Chrome who has a chunk of his face missing, exposing wires and microchips. He has a mouth that constantly drools black liquid and red eyes.
  • Abyss is a black bat with red eyes that has a childish personality and usually just ignores the heroes and does his own thing in a dark cave.
  • Fragility is an unseen possibly angelic creature that spies on the heroes. She acts like a guardian angel, and is involved heavily in the backstory of Hope, Daccino and Chrome, who has protected them ever since Nova came in their lives.
  • Entity is an evil entity who is the main antagonist of Chrome's Show of Chromeyness: Entity of Evil.


  • Mr. McSpud is a potato that is usually ecstatic, and follows the gang around in an attempt to become their acquaintance.
  • Gorge is a 15-year-old human boy who is a friend of the gang.
  • Frederick is a former comedian that is featured working at the local Papa Squeegee.
  • Spot is an animatronic dog and the lead singer of the Spot's Funtime Pizza Band.
  • Wolfy
  • Nocturnal
  • Melody is Hope's childhood friend who can hypnotize people by singing backwards.
  • Krume is a horribly drawn parody of Chrome that formed because of an incident involving one of Chrome's inventions. Krume is usually friendly towards the others but is treated like an outcast by most people.
  • Crumpet is a British version of Chrome who is currently running amok throughout town as a creation of Mr. McSpud the anthropomorphic potato.
  • Bean 1 is a background character.
  • Bean 2 is a background character.
  • Chalk is Chrome's pet shark he stole from an aquarium, appearing in two episodes.
  • Wire is a wire-like creature who appears as a background character.


Chrome's Show of Chromeyness/Episodes


The show has mostly positive reviews, and a recent survey showed that more teens and adults than kids like the television show.


  • Chrome's Show of Chromeyness was listed #7 in the 10 Darkest Cartoons of 2014.
  • Mage's guns are not very realistic due to censors. Due to this, the creators like to joke around with the guns and use them for puns and jokes in the show, such as Mage pulling out a water gun instead of a pistol and a stuffed teddy bear instead of a desert eagle.
  • The show never breaks the fourth wall in Season 2 onward, therefore the Narrator is given an explanation as to why he exists so as to not break reality.
  • The soundtrack is done very interestingly: an orchestral team gathers on a stage and composes the cinematic soundtrack, which is done for every episode Season 3-onward.
  • Episodes are done very quickly via a huge animation team dedicated to the show.
  • The creators have stated they aren't in it for the money, and more for the joy of it all.
  • The creators have thought of moving it to Adult Swim on CN to avoid Nickelodeon's censorship with a rating of TV-14, but the idea was shoved aside after kids already loved the show.
  • Mr. McSpud was the subject of a reign of graffiti throughout a busy street in Florida, with Mr. McSpud stamps being placed throughout town. Fortunately, the vandal was caught and the walls were painted over all except one, which was undoable unless they redoed the entire wall. The graffiti remaining is hidden by an out-of-place leftover couch which was thrown out.
  • The series was originally like The Simpsons, never expected to end, until the creators knew it had to stop and it ended on its 7th season with the movie before it lost its luster it had. After this, no continuations to the original series were made by the creators (Syndicate features Chrome's later life, however the series was not made by the creators but given the okay to feature the character. The Bagel Show ran until it ended, which was before Chrome's Show of Chromeyness ended.). However, Animal Control, a side project by the creators, references Chrome. Merchandise of the show such as pencils and backpacks are still being sold.
    • The cryptic website Chrome's Journey displayed "chrome's journey is over" as the eerie music stopped playing and the bottom of the website turned into a big "thank you" message which read:

"Howdy, folks! This is Reggie here thanking you all for supporting this show over the years. Ending it with a movie was extraordinarily hard, but we pulled through. Again, we thank you for your love and fan thingies. Thanks for sticking with Chrome and his friends on the quite fantastic journey, and we'll see ya next time!

-Reggie and all the other folks who worked on Chrome's Show of Chromeyness."

  • Using different codes and techniques did not reveal anything besides of a picture of Mr. McSpud, which also did not contain anything secret, which means the show has ended and nothing else will be focusing mainly on Chrome in the future, however that may change soon.
    • On September 19, 2015, small texts reading "happy late april fools" and "like really late april fools" appeared on the bottom of the "Thanks" message.
    • A hidden page ( was discovered on October 1 with the words "He's gone, she's gone, both gone together.".
    • The text on the page, on October 7, reads "Gone together forever" along with a picture of Nova and Innocence in The Void.
    • A sprite-based RPG game never mentioned before was released on the page, entirely browser-based, focusing on a short poem revealed in parts of the story. The game itself is about Nova and Innocence.
  • Chrome's Show of Chromeyness currently airs on AniNick, AniNick Japan, AniNick China (but it was banned by the government three hours after the first episode aired), AniNick India, AniNick Antarctica, AniNick Germany (where everyone is wearing lederhosen), AniNick Australia (where everyone is a kangaroo), AniNick Earth, AniNick Mars, AniNick The Sun, AniNick 9th Dimension and AniNick Scooby-doo yogurt with Shaggy's eyes scratched out.

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