Chrome's Movie of Chromeyness is the first feature-length theatrical film focused on Chrome's Show of Chromeyness and also the final project involving the show. The movie was released August 22, 2015.

Chrome's Movie of Chromeyness
Written by Reggie
Release date(s) August 22, 2015
Country United States
Running time 1:10:37
Language English



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The movie starts with Chrome proudly writing in a book with a feathered pen. He shuts the book displaying it's front with a slam, writing the title in golden ink: The Book of Friendship. Chrome puts it in a glass case and calls up his friends to check out the book. His friends arrive as Chrome reads through the book with them. John acting uninterested. The book's contents are not shown to the audience.

Afterwards, Chrome goes to bed, turning his lamp's light off. The next day, Chrome awakens to discover the book is gone. He frantically runs around looking for it, falling down the basement stairs and slipping on a puddle of oil. He makes his way back upstairs and gives up looking for it before he finds Nova's symbol painted on the wall. He clenches his fists and dials Hope, Bagel, Rob and John, purposely excluding Doug. He explains to them the book is gone. They express worry, but John can care less. They arrive just in time to see Doug crash through the wall with his Dougmobile.



"Chrome, I'll be okay, I promise."
No, stop talking! I'm not leaving without you."
Chrome... remember when you showed me that book?"
Stop trying to distract me and help me help you get out!"
Remember the adventures we had, Chrome? We explored in caves... we searched through jungles... we rifted through time and space. The point is, those adventures are over now, at least for me. You can do this, Chrome. You were built for justice, and if you want to prolong that justice get out there without me. I love you."
...I love you too, Hope. The... I... "
— Hope talking to Chrome revealing the contents of the book


  • The movie was almost going to be rated PG-13 due to violence, but some things were changed in order to maintain the rating of PG. "Some things" include removing blood coming out of Rob's mouth and removing a scene where somebody gets run over and his ear-piercing screams are heard.
  • The movie was actually in the creator's minds all along, as the show majorly foreshadows it years before it's release. Foreshadowing includes Nova mentioning The Book of Friendship in Season 4, The Void having a toy version of the Universal Supernova Bomb floating in it in Season 6 and most importantly graffiti on the wall in Season 1 saying "STATIC THE VOID".
  • In the process of making the movie, a disgruntled animator who was accidentally embarrassed at a small party involving the show insert a quick flash of a crude MS Paint picture. The picture itself was the lead characters of the show gruesomely being stabbed to death by the disgruntled animator. This picture was noticed during the process of the movie and was quickly removed as the animator was fired.


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