Airdate: March 21, 1999
Writer(s): Dimentio8
Main: Dimentio8
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Chrome's Best Buddy is the second episode of The Adventures of Chrome. In the series, Chrome meets Kev-Bot and Cool Bot.


Chrome: (randomly walks down a sidewalk) I'm kind of tired of seeing humans all over the place and not a single robot here except Chrime!

Mayor: (over speaker) The... I forgot what I was going to say so... Hi?

Chrome: (facepalm) Where was I? Right. I don't know any other robots except Chrime! I think I'm going to regret this...

(2 hours later)

Chrome: (Rings the Doppelganger Island doorbell) Umm... hello? Chrime?

Mayor Dopp: Go in...

Chrome: Now... just dig into the island's core...

(3 hours later)

Chrome: (rings doorbell on core) Chri-ime?

Chrime: Go away!

Chrome: Chrime? I just w-wanted to c-come in?

Chrime: I said, go away!

Chrome: Li-isten. I d-don't k-know the way back out of this island so I need somepl-lace to stay... (under his breath: I am so dead...)

Chrime: Just get in... before I change my memory banks...

Chrome: Thanks... so... you can say we're kind of... brothers... right?

Chrime: No... I hate you... I'm not going to destroy you... yet...

Chrome: It would be nice if we had an alien here...

Chrime: I have one but I'm not getting him...

????: Hey, Chrime, buddy! I'm coming downstairs...

Chrime: Get down, Abzol!

Abzol: Ok...

Chrome: Fine...

Chrome: Even better than an alien... an Irken?

Abzol: Yeah... Here's your water, Chrime...

Chrime: Pour it on him...

Abzol: Yes, sir.

Chrome: Listen, Abzol! You can't! (falls on Abzol and the water lands on him)


Chrime: When I see pain, I laugh... (laughs)

Chrome: (blasts the water) Are you okay, Abzol?

Abzol: Barely...

Chrime: You, get out! (Chrome is kicked out literally)

Abzol: Get out by teleporting! The only way!

(4 hours later)

Chrome: Back home... (sees something move) Chrime?

(commercial break)

(commercial break ends)

Chrome: Chrime? Is that you? (chases after it) It's a robot!

????: Alright... I thought you were Chrime!

Chrome: No... I'm Chrome!

????: Oh, yes! My name is Kev-Bot! My brother Cool Bot was right here...

Chrome: You wanna get some ice cream?

Kev-Bot: Sure!

(3 minutes later)

Chrome: Great ice cream, huh?

Kev-Bot: (is on the ground)

Chrome: Kev-Bot? Why are you on the ground?

Kev-Bot: My life... I remembered I lost my valuable data chip... now I barely have any data!

Chrome: Well, I need to go to bed and shut down for the night. You wanna come?

Kev-Bot: S-sure...

(4 minutes later)

Chrome: Computer... sleep mode...

Kev-Bot: Computer... sleep mode...


Kev-Bot: Chrome... buddy! It's going to take a while to get to sleep since I have barely any data...

Chrome: (is in sleep mode)


Chrome: Hey, Kev-Bot! How was sleep?

Kev-Bot: Horrible... I barely got any...

Chrome: Here... Let's transfer data...

(5 minutes later)

Chrome: Now you have half of mine... now get some sleep while I go get some bagels.

(Meanwhile, in Doppelganger Island)

Chrime: (is crying in his bed) Why did I kick him out... the reason why I'm evil is because I don't have a friend...

Abzol: I'm your friend!

Chrime: Please... go... I need time...

(Meanwhile, back on Earth)

Cool Bot: (rings Chrome's doorbell) Hey, I'm looking for my little bro, Kev-Bot.

Chrome: What?

Cool Bot: I'm looking for Kev-Bot...

Chrome: In here...

Cool Bot: Hey, bro!

Kev-Bot: Hey, brother!

Chrime: (sneaks around Chrome's house) Be very quiet... I'm sneaking around my enemy's house just to be friends with him...

Chrome: Worst. Reference. Ever. Come on... be friends! Just go inside the house.

Chrime: I figured out your boring so... nah. I'm not going in there. I'm evil!

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