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Chief Goodness
Species Unknown
Gender Male
Affiliation Church of Rectitude
Alias(es) Space Hitler
Enemies Guy, Toncho, Eris, Order, Providence, Morningstar, Lord Byzantine, Oblivion
Residence Erf
Alignment Bad
Debut Righteous Do-Gooders
Created by KM
Signature appearance Righteous Do-Gooders
Latest appearance Control

Chief Goodness is the primary antagonist of Righteous Do-Gooders. He is a satanic archetype at the helm of an intergalactic cult called the Church of Rectitude. Due to his position of power, Goodness has had a hand in a variety of events which has made him more of a general enemy to most spacefaring characters in the Foundry, such as Eris, Perfect, and Morningstar.



Powers and abilities