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Name Description
175px-Doug funnie design
Doug Funnie
Doug is the title character, a shy, extremely insecure, somewhat clumsy, gullible, naive, 11½ year old boy with an enormous heart, a large imagination a talent for writing, and a love for music. Doug's favorite instrument is a banjo, and uses it in his spare time. Doug is the first Nicktoon but the creator, Jim Jinkins, sold off Jumbo Pictures to The Walt Disney Company, and as such the rights to Doug with it. Doug is therefore the only playable character in his series in Nicktoons Confederacy!

All Grown Up!

Rugrats will NOT be featured.

Name Description
Tommy Pickles
Son of Stu and Didi Pickles, and older brother of Dil Pickles. His cousin is Angelica Pickles. At 11-years-old, Tommy is already an award winning junior filmmaker. He is also considered the leader of his group of friends. Tommy is also the show's main protagonist.
200px-Dil Pickles All Grown Up!
Dil Pickles
He is the younger brother of Tommy Pickles, younger son of Stu and Didi Pickles, and younger cousin of Angelica Pickles. Dil is named after his mother Didi's cousin (Dylan "Dil" Prescott). At 9-years-old, Dil may still be the youngest of the gang, but he has come a long way from when he was a 3-months-old. Dil now has red hair like his mom, and he has developed an unusual personality. Dil has a pet goldfish called Pablo and in "Lucky 13", Dil showed that he is fascinated by dolphins, believing that they share "a bond with our alien brethren", showing to be inspired by Douglas Adams' Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy.
Angelica Pickles
13-year-old Angelica's personality has clearly made some minor edits to itself as a part of Angelica's maturity; she now wears her hair down, she goes after boys more often, and has grown out of the habit of carrying her doll Cynthia around. Still, a few parts of Angelica's former personality remained; she is still very bossy, spoiled, and mean, but now to a lesser degree due in part to the fact that she has lost her leverage in that the former babies can now talk with the adults. Angelica commonly wears a purple shirt with light purple sleeves, a blue skirt with green polka dots and purple clogs. Angelica is still envious of Susie, mainly because of Susie's excellent singing abilities. But now, unlike in the Rugrats series, they stick together and are friends.

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