George Washington "Catnip" Fita
Species Cat
Nationality American
Birth date June 5, 1982
Date of death 2000
Age 16-18 (The Epic Animals)
Gender Male
Height 3'7
Eye color       Black
Relatives Mama Fita (mother)
5 sisters
Affiliation The Epic Animals
Occupation Wannabe crime-fighter/superhero
Friends Fred
Archenemy Arch-Nemesis Man
Residence Illinois, Wisconsin
Paraphernalia Belt
Abilities General cat-like reflexes
Alignment Good
Marital status Single
Debut The Epic Animals
Created by IAmBagel
Signature appearance The Epic Animals
English voice Keith Ferguson

"Too bad we suck."
Catnip in various episodes of The Epic Animals[1]

Catnip is one of the main protagonists of The Epic Animals, who is the founding member and leader of the titular group. Frequently bullied in his youth due to his interest in crime-fighting despite lacking any powers, Catnip formed the superhero team known as The Epic Animals, alongside his childhood friends, Fred and Cotton with the goal of proving his doubters wrong and making a name for himself in the world.


Early life




Events of "The Epic Animals"


Adult Life


Future Years





Catnip often acts cheerful, determined and ambitious, and is known for being extremely reckless in his cursae against villainy. His behavior can also be seen as somewhat stubborn, as Catnip frequently ignores any advice given to him and would rather focus on his own ideas and concepts. He is struggling to become a great hero, which is why he attempts to rid his city of crime, however, his ignorance and recklessness often prevent him from becoming a great hero he wants to be. He also seeks to fight crime for the benefit of him and his friends, as the trio were frequently bullied in their youth, and Catnip sees the city of Illinois as an opportunity to get people to actually like them. Despite his ignorance and his cocky behavior, he is very friendly towards people and simply wants to do good for the world.



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