The Catawba River Basin (also known as the Catawba Valley area or the Catawba River Basin of North Carolina) is one of the main settings for Curiousgorge66's Adventures and where Gorge resides.


Founding of the River Basin's first city


Notable locations

Gorge's House

A white house with a red roof, based on where Gorge's creator currently lives.

Grandfather Mountain

Grandfather Mountain, although not mentioned in any Nickelodeon Fanon series, is a tourist attraction in the Catawba River Basin too. Two of the mountain's highest points are connected by a swinging bridge.

The City of Lenoir

The City of Lenoir was named after William Lenoir, and Gorge lives close to the town. The mayor of the town is Joseph L. Gibbons throughout the entire series.

The City of Morganton

Morganton is farther away from Gorge's house then Lenoir is, but it's still close to Gorge's house. The mayor is Mel L. Cohen throughout the entire series.

The City of Hickory

Hickory is not as close to Gorge's house as Lenoir and Morganton, but it is known for the closest Sam's Club from Gorge's house.

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