Rated TV-MA - Contains material that many parents would find unsuitable for children under 17 years of age

This episode of CircleCity is rated TV-MA, meaning it contains content that may be inappropriate for younger readers under 17 years of age.

Cash is King is the first episode of CircleCity Season 4.


Derp buys a lottery ticket at SLP Convenience Store for the upcoming "Billion-Dollar Lottery". One week later, Derp finds out he actually won it. Lloyd thinks that he and Derp should buy a company and profit on it, but Derp just spends it on Beer, Weed, 99 Billboards, a toxic drink to put on shelves, hookers, strippers and a really big tank. Lloyd gets really mad at Derp for spending all the money on this "Stupid Sh-t" and get the rest of CircleCity to take down Derp and steal his remaining 50 million.


Derp wakes up in the morning next to Jessica (Both are so hung over that they can't remember what happened last night) and gets up to brush his teeth while Lloyd tells him about the party he went to last night, and the explosion that killed 170 people. Lloyd and Derp get really bored, so they go to their local SLP convenience where they enter the new "Billion Dollar Lottery"

More TBA

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