jaejae98: Hello everyone, it is I ,jaejae98, and i am here to announce two new shows, and more content for my video game nicktoons all starsuper smackdown. I hope all of you will like my announcements.

(crowd cheers)

jaejae98: First up is my first tv show, creature high.

(shows the logo on the middle screen, and the characters on the other two screens)

jaejae98: It is about a high school for creatures (dragons, faries, ECT.). It stars a boy named Ethan who is a transfer student from north pole acadamy for elfs. With his friends Uni Corn, Rob 2000, and others, he learns that even though it's hard being the new guy, with good friends it will all turn out alright in the end. Creature high comes out this fall, 20912.

(crowd cheers)

jaejae98: Next up is my second tv show, planet arcade.

(shows the logo on the middle screen, and clips on the other two middle screens)

jaejae98: It is about an arcade called Planet Arcade, which happens to be home to the game characters inside the machines. The shows star is a boy named Jack, who is a real boy who can communicate and go inside the games through power cords. The show features very many video game references and parodys. Planet arcade comes out january, 2012.

(crowd cheers)

jaejae98: Finally, I have news about my newest game Nicktoons all star super smackdown.

(shows a trailer on all screens, the trailer shows parts of the characters face in a dark room)

.You guys all know the announced characters, Spongebob, Ami, Mattboo, Hoops and Yoyo, Parappa, Lammy, Mimi, Y-guy, and Homestar, but today two new additions will be announced. Here they are.

(shows on the screen a shadfow of a tall girl and a small boy, as they fight the sun starts to come up, revealing who they really are.)

jaejae98: Milky way and Invader Zim. I hope you guys like my two new additions, their information and more surprises will put up on the game's website.

(crowd cheers)

jaejae98: Well i hope you guys liked my announcements. Have a great day. Bye.

(crowd applauds and cheers)

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