Yoshi:Last time on Cartoon Survivor,The challange was a quiz,Sandy won,Spongebob was elimanated,Now we reach the finale,Who will win,Who will lose,Find out know.

Sandy:(Confessinal) I can't believe i'm the only girl left.

Yoshi:Today's challange you have to hang on to a handle and if you slip off into the water your out.

(Everyone hangs on to a handle)

Ferb:This looks hard.

(10 minutes later)

Yoshi:No one fell into the water yet.

Ferb:I'm slipping (Slips off)

Yoshi:Sandy,Phineas,and Finn are still in.

Phineas:Don't fall (Slips off)

Yoshi:We have are final 2.

(1 hour later)

Yoshi:No one have fallen yet.

Finn:(Slips off)

Yoshi:Sandy going to the final 3.

Sandy:Yes i'm in the final 3.

(At Tribal Council)

Yoshi:Welcome to Tribal Council,3 of you will be in the final 3 and we know one of them is Sandy,and 1 of you won't,Sandy your first to vote.


Phineas:(Walks to voting box) (Writes F-I-N-N) You made us vote off Spongebob.


Finn:(Walks to voting box) (Writes P-H-I-N-E-A-S) I want the final 3 to be 1-0-1-1-0 for characters left in the shows.

Yoshi:I'll read the votes (Gets votes) 1st vote Phineas,Phineas,Finn,1 vote left.The 17th person voted off of Cartoon Survivor Borneo and are 9th Jury Member is Phineas.Phineas bring me your torch.

Phineas:(Brings torch)

Yoshi:The tribe have spooken (Snuffs torch) Phineas it's time for you to go.

Phineas:Good luck Ferb (Leaves)

Yoshi:Tommorrow is the final 3 so get your torches and go back to camp.

(Everyone goes back to camp with their torches)

(The next night)

Yoshi:Here's the jury and Mabel your first to talk to them.

Mabel:Why did you vote me off.

Finn:Cause your not good in the challanges and in my team you were always the first person out.

Mabel:I don't know who should win cause of that so tell me why should i vote for one of you.

Sandy:Well your a girl and i'm a girl.

Ferb:I don't talk often.

Finn:I'm awesome.

Yoshi:Bugs Bunny your next.

Bugs Bunny:I am not voting for Finn.


Bugs Bunny:Cause i voted for you but you and your here.

(When everyone in the jury finish talking to the final 3)

Yoshi:Time to vote,Mabel your first.


Bugs Bunny:(Votes)

Daffy Duck:(Votes)


Jake:(Walks to voting box) (Writes F-I-N-N) You and i are bros.



Spongebob:(Walks to voting box) (Writes S-A-N-D-Y) Were friends.

Phineas:(Walks to voting box) (Writes F-E-R-B) Were step brothers.

Yoshi:I'll read the votes in Hollywood (Gets votes and walks to voting box)

(In Hollywood)

Yoshi:Welcome to Hollywood and here's Sandy,Ferb,and Finn and the one with the most votes win.1st vote Sandy,Ferb,Finn,Sandy,Finn,Ferb,Ferb,Sandy,1 vote feft.The winner of Cartoon Survivor is Sandy.

Sandy:Cool i won.

Yoshi:That was season 1 see you next time in Cartoon Survivor season 2.

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