Yoshi:Last time on Cartoon Survivor,The challange was getting push if you talk,The Orange Tribe went to Tribal Council,Porky Pig was elimanted,What well happen in this episode of Cartoon Survivor Borneo.

(When everyone came to do the challange)

Yoshi:Today challange is running on a falty bridge.

(Everyone got on the starting platform)


(Everyone started running)

Soos:(Falls off)

(Everyone else is still running)

Phineas:(Falls off)

(10 minutes later)

Yoshi:Spongebob and Patrick are still running.

(Spongebob and Patrick lands the finish line at the same time)

Yoshi:It's a tie so both tribes is going to Tribal Council and we have a early merge tommorow,Also the jury will start tommorrow the Red Tribe first since there tribe 1.

(At Tribal Council)

Yoshi:Starting tonight you'll be going here every night and Spongebob your the first person to vote.



Mabel:(Walks to voting box) (Writes D-R. D-O-O-F-E-N-S-M-I-R-T-Z) Your a villain.


Dr.Doofensmirtz: (Walks to voting box) (Writes M-A-B-E-L) Your a very werid kid.



Bugs Bunny:(Votes)

Yoshi:I'll read the votes (Grabs votes) Anyone have an immunity idol.

(No one Brings a immunity idol)

Yoshi:1st vote Dr.Doofensmirtz,Mabel,Doofensmirtz,Doofensmirtz,Doofensmirtz,Doofensmirtz,Doofensmirtz,and the 7th person voted off of Cartoon Survivor Borneo is Doof,Dr.Doofensmirtz bring me your torch.

Dr.Doofensmirtz:(Brings torch)

Yoshi:The tribe have spoken (Snuffs torch) Dr.Doofensmirtz it's time for you to go.

Dr.Doofensmirtz:I hope you all lose (Leaves)

(When it was the Orange Tribe turn)

Yoshi:Starting tonight you will be going to Tribal Council Starting tonight and Patrick your first to vote.

Patrick:(Walks to voting box) (Writes P-R-I-N-C-E-S-S B-U-B-B-L-E-G-U-M) At camp you alway say i won't do work cause i'm a princess.




Princess Bubblegum:(Walks to voting box) (Writes P-A-T-R-I-C-K) Your really lazy and i well freak out if your in the merge.

Daffy Duck:(Votes)

Yoshi:I'll read the votes (Grabs votes) anyone have an immunity idol.

Ferb:(Brings his immunity idol)

Yoshi:This is the last immunity idol of the season.


Yoshi:1st vote Patrick,Princess Bubblegum,Patrick,Bubblegum,PB,and the 8th person voted off of Cartoon Survivor Borneo is Princess Bubblegum.

Princess Bubblegum:What me,Well on the bright side 2 people didn't vote for me and i am the closet to go in the merge for the 1st season.

Yoshi:Princess Bubblegum bring me your torch.

Princess Bubblegum:(Brings torch)

Yoshi:The tribe have spoken (Snuffs torch) Princess bubblegum it's time for you to go.

Princess Bubblegum:(Leaves)

Yoshi:Bring your torches and go to the Red Tribe camp cause of the merge you have to stay in one camp.

(Everyone goes to the Red Tribe's camp)

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