Yoshi:Last on Cartoon Survivor,The challange was jellyfishing,Spongebob won,Patrick was elimanated,What happens next?

(At camp)

Phineas:Finally,All of the people that aren't good in this game is gone.

(When everyone came to do the challange)

Yoshi:Today's challange is a quiz,Now get on your podiums.

(Everyone got on there podiums)

Yoshi:What movie do i want to see this summer the most?

Spongebob:Monsters University.

Sandy:Monsters University.

Phineas:Monster University.

Ferb:Pacific Rim

Finn:Man of Steel

Yoshi:Monsters University is correct so 1 point for Spongebob,Sandy,Phineas gets 1 point.

(10 minutes later)

Yoshi:It's tied with a score of 3-3-3-3-3 next person correct wins,The final question is what is my favorite food?



Phineas:Ice Cream.



Yoshi:The correct answer is.............................................Tocos!

Sandy:Ya i won immunity.

Yoshi:Don't vote of Sandy tonight.

(At Tribal Council)

Yoshi:Welcome back and one of you won't be in the final 4,Spongebob your first to vote.

Spongebob:(Walks to voting box) (Writes F-I-N-N) Your too avdenturies for the final 4.




Finn:(Walks to voting box) (Writes S-P-O-N-G-E-B-O-B) I just want 1 person from a each cartoo in the final 3.

Yoshi:I'll read the votes (Gets votes) 1st vote Finn,Finn,Spongebob,Spongebob,1 vote left,the 16th person voted off of Cartoon Survivor Borneo and the 8th Jury Member is Spongebob,Spongebob bring we your torch.

Spongebob:Ok (Brings torch)

Yoshi:Spongebob the tribe have spooken (Snuffs torch) Spongebob it's time for you to go.

Spongebob:Good luck guys (Leaves)

Yoshi:Get your torches and go back to camp.

(Everyone goes back to camp with there torches)

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