Yoshi:Last Time on Cartoon Survivor,The challange was a race,Phineas won,Jake got elimanated with 6 votes,What happens next?

Finn:(Confessinal) I miss Jake.

Yoshi:Today's challange is a cook off.

Spongebob:(Confessinal) For the challange i'm gonna make krabby patties.

(When everyone got done cooking)

Yoshi:Spongebob what did you make?

Spongebob:Krabby Patties.

Yoshi:(Eats Krabby Patties) Thumbs up.


Yoshi:What did you make Patrick?


Yoshi:Water is a drink not a food.


Yoshi:What did you make Sandy?

Sandy:Nut pie.

Yoshi:(Eats Nut pie) Thumbs up.

Sandy:Yee haw.

Yoshi:What did you make Soos?

Soos:Leaf salad.

Yoshi:(Eats leaf pie) Thumbs down.


Yoshi:What did you make Phineas?

Phineas:Garlac bread.

Yoshi:(Eats garlac bread) Thumbs up.


Yoshi:What did you make Ferb?


Yoshi:(Eats soup) Thumbs up.


Yoshi:And what did tou make Finn?

Finn:I made nachos.

Yoshi:(Eats nachos) Thumbs up.

Finn:Adventure Time!

Yoshi:Ok the decided the winner is.....................Spongebob!


Yoshi:Don't vote off Spongebob tonight at Tribal Council.

Finn:(Confessinal) Tonight i wanted a Spongebob Squarepants to go home tonight but i'm voting someone else to make 3-3.

(At Tribal Council)

Yoshi:Welcome back to Tribal Council,Finn your the last character in Adventure Time left,Are you gonna win it for them.


Yoshi:It's time to vote Spongebob your first.



Sandy:(Walks to voting box) (Writes S-O-O-S) How did you make it this far.

Soos:(Walks to voting box) (Writes S-A-N-D-Y) Your the only girl left.




Yoshi:I'll read the votes (Gets votes) 1st vote Sandy,Soos,Soos,Soos,Soos,Soos,1 vote left,The 14th person voted off of Cartoon Survivor Borneo and the 6th Jury Member is Soos,We have no more Gravity Falls characters,Soos bring me your torch.

Soos:(Brings torch)

Yoshi:The tribe have spooken (Snuffs torch) Soos it's time for you to go.


Yoshi:Get your torches and go back to camp.

(Everyone goes back to camp with their torches)

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