Yoshi:Last time on Cartoon Surviovr:The challange was Karate,Sandy won,Squidward was the first person elimanated from Spongebob Squarepants,What happens next?

Sandy:(Confessinal) Last Tribal Council we finally have a person from the show i'm in elimanated and i'm happy it's Squidward.

Yoshi:The challange is a race and everyone get on the starting line.

(Everyone got on starting line)

Yoshi:Ready,Set,(Shoots Starting gun)

(Everyone started running)

Soos:(Trips over shoe lasses) Sorry i need to tie my shoes (Ties shoes)

Yoshi:look like Soos won't win immunity.

Phineas:(Crosses finish line)

Sandy:(Crosses finish line)

Yoshi:Phineas made it cross the finish line first so he wins immunity.

(At Tribal Council)

Yoshi:Welcome back and Spongebob your first to vote.

Spongebob:(Walks to voting box) (Writes J-A-K-E) I made this dasigion last night and i'm doing the same thing with your friendship.







Jake:(Walks to voting box) (Writes S-P-O-N-G-E-B-O-B) Time for another character for your show to leave and it should be you.

Yoshi:I'll read the votes (Gets votes) 1st vote Jake,Spongebob,Spongebob,Jake,Jake,jake Jake and the 13th person voted off of Cartoon Survivor Borneo and the 5th Jury Member is Jake.

Jake:What me.

Finn:Don't worry cause i'll win the for us.


Yoshi:Jake bring me your torch.

Jake:(Brings torch)

Yoshi:The tribe have spooken (Snuffs torch) Jake it's time for you to go.


Yoshi:Get your torches and go back to camp.

(Everyone goes back to camp with their torches)

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