Felix the Cat:(Reads a newspaper)Huh! Killers in camp Big Cat.

(Bus rolls in)

Sandy:This place looks neat.

Felix the Cat:Hi everybody. I`m your cansaler Felix the Cat and let me take you to your cabins.

(That Night)

Felix the Cat:Good night everyone and if a killer kills you in your sleep then there is probaly a killer in this camp.(leaves)

Patrick:What was he talking about.

(When everyone is asleep)

Mabel:(Wakes up)Daffy wake(Trys to wake up Daffy Duck)Oh well(Goes outside)

(meanwhile the killers meat up in the woods)

Freddy Kreuger:Finally that we made one of the campers a killer.

Jason:I know but who well we kill first.

Ghostface:Let's kill someone who's awake.

Micheal Myers:Good and let's kill Daffy.

Hash Slinging Slasher:No he's asleep.

Mysterie Killer:Let's let Freddy deside and we should let him kill too.

Freddy Kreuger:Ok i want to kill _____ and i know that camper is asleep.(goes looking for _____)


Mabel:Where's that thing making that noise.

Kreddy Kreuger:Finally.(Jumps out of the bush)

Mabel:Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! A killer!

Freddy Kreuger:Have any last words?

Mabel:Someone help me!(Runs away but trips)

Freeddy Kreuger:Bad choice for your last words.(Kills Mabel)

(The next day)

Felix the Cat:Everyone i have bad news.

Everyone:What is it.

Felix the Cat:Mabel is died.


Felix the Cat:I'm sorry for your lost dipper.

Dipper:I think i'll get over it.

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