Felix the Cat:Ok everyone since Mabel got killed in the woods i think all of you should stay away from the woods.

Dipper:No I'm finding those killers even if they kill me.

Mr.Krabs:And I'm going too so i can look for lost money.

Felix the Cat:Ok but stay away from the killers.

(Meanwhile when the killers meet up in the woods again.

Freddy Kreuger:Ok jason your.

Jason:Cool but who should i kill.

Micheal Myers:Dipper?

Jason:No cause his sister is died.

Hash Slinging Slasher:How bout __.____.

Jason:Good and i have a plan to kill him.

(4 minutes later)

Dipper:Wow i been here for 4 minutes I'm not died.

Jason:(Grabs Dipper)

Dipper:Help i don't want to die(Get tied up)

Jason:Now wait for __._____ to come.

Mr.Krabs:Huh who's that.

Jason:Oh no he's here.

(All the killers hides)

Mr.Krabs:(Looks at Dipper)Oh no there's killers here(Leaves)

Dipper:Krabs no!

Jason(Jumps out of bush and kills Mr.Krabs)


Jason:(Un ties Dipper)


(2 Hours later)

Dipper:Guys Mr.Krabs is died.

Spongebob and Pearl:Noooooo!

Yakko:Now the killers are killing all the one who deserve to live.

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