Cartoon Crossover
Created by Curiousgorge66
Genre Comedy
Directed by Curiousgorge66
Creative director(s) Curiousgorge66
Developed by Curiousgorge66
Writer(s) Various
Country of origin United States
Original language(s) English
No. of seasons 7
No. of episodes Growing
Executive producer(s) Curiousgorge66
Producer(s) Curiousgorge66
Runtime 11-22 mins.
Production company(s) Nickelodeon Productions
Distributor Disney-ABC International Television (seasons 1-4 only)
Nelvana (Canadian distribution)
Original channel Nickelodeon
First aired February 11th, 2014

Cartoon Crossover is an American animated television series that ran from 2014 to 2016.

Season 1

Cartoon Crossover: Season 1

Season 2

Cartoon Crossover: Season 2

Season 3

Cartoon Crossover: Season 3

Season 4

Cartoon Crossover: Season 4

Season 5

Cartoon Crossover: Season 5

Season 6

Cartoon Crossover: Season 6

Season 7

Same rules as Seasons 5 and 6.

Have fun!

Extreme Makeover: Network Edition (written by Curiousgorge66) (TV-PG-V)

Patrick starts yet another makeover show, but the executives of ToonNick PLUS don't like it and can the show, leading Patrick to find another network for the show.


Patrick: I should start yet another makeover show!

(build build build)

Patrick: Perfect!

SpongeBob: Umm... Patrick?

Patrick: What is it, SpongeBob?

SpongeBob: Don't you think your makeover shows can damage reputation?

ToonNick PLUS executive: I think so. As a result, we have immediately canned Extreme Makeover: Makeup Edition.

Patrick: Darn! What now, SpongeBob?

SpongeBob: There's lot of other networks out there, Patrick. They would be willing to pick up your makeover show.

Patrick: SpongeBob, none of my makeover shows made it past the first episode. That's exactly how it is.

SpongeBob: The executives at ToonNick PLUS just didn't like the idea.

Patrick: Well, it's time to find executives that are kind enough to air the show for more than one episode.

(Squidward opens the door)

Squidward: Good luck, Patrick. No executive at any network would want to air your makeover show past an episode.

(Squidward closes the door)

SpongeBob: Actually, there was a series finale of your last makeover show.

Patrick: Oh yeah. But I still need to find a network to accept my latest makeover show.

Extreme Makeover: Makeup Edition (written by Curiousgorge66) (TV-PG-V)

Patrick finally gets a deal with a DVD distributor, who plans to release every episode of his newest makeover show. However, only one episode was released on DVD.


Patrick: I finally got someone to carry my show!

Zim: Is it Nickelodeon? Or is it Nicktoons? Either way, the show won't turn out good.

Patrick: None of them. The guys carrying my show are DVD distributors.

Zim: Patrick, nobody wants to release more than one episode of your shows.

SpongeBob: Zim may have a point.

Patrick: My production studio has produced many episodes of all my shows.

Zim: Think again. Your previous shows only produced 31 episodes combined. So why do you think that Makeup Edition would make plenty of episodes?

Patrick: That, Zim, is something I haven't figured out yet.

Zim: Basically, the show's formula was tape a few episodes, show only one and then take it off the air. And then it's never seen on syndication due to the fact that it never even had sixty-five episodes to begin with.

(a DVD arrives in stores)

Patrick: Is that the new DVD that was released?

(cut to Timmy Turner walking out of the store in anger)

Timmy: I thought Patrick had his other makeover shows shut down.

Dib: Never wanted to look at it in the first place.

(three months later)

Patrick: And... only one episode was released on DVD.

Questions (written by Curiousgorge66) (TV-PG)

Timmy Turner answers questions about the show.


Timmy: Question #1: Which season is better? For me, obviously the second.

Zim: Nah... the first one was dull, the second was duller. For me, it's the fourth.

Timmy: Question #2: Who has the most appearences in the show? Me, obviously.

Zim: You've appeared in every single season.

Timmy: Question #3: How many episodes take place inside the Nicktoons treehouse? At least one per season.

Zim: That's not correct. There's season one.

Timmy: Question #4: Have we ever broke the fourth wall? We break the fourth wall a lot. This episode is all about it.

Zim: Obviously.

Timmy: Question #5: Is So- who wrote this question?

Zim: Some guy named Gorge.

Timmy: I'll answer it quickly- no, she's not going to appear. There's another show for that.

Zim: That was quick.

Timmy: Question #6: What was the most expensive object in the show to date?

Zim: That computer.

Timmy: OK, then.

Zim: It was shockingly expensive.

Timmy: Question #7: Are you gonna destroy the Illuminate? Save that for Robo and his friends.

Zim: Yes, we should.

Timmy: Question #8: Is Janice good or evil? Obviously good in her normal form.

Zim: We know.

Timmy: Question #9: What was the longest story arc to date? Extreme Makeover: Random Concept Edition lasted over seven seasons.

Zim: Yes. Yes it did.

Timmy: Question #10: What date did the show premiere? February 2014, obviously.

Zim: That question is deja vu.

Timmy: Question #11: Are those three- No, they're not going to appear because then it would be irrelevant to Nickelodeon. Moving on.

Zim: That was even quicker.

Timmy: Question #12: Are you gonna make another season? ToonNick PLUS already renewed the show for an eighth season.

Zim: Yes. They did.

Timmy: Question #13: Is season eight going to be the last? I haven't heard anything about a nineth season at the moment.

Zim: Nobody's heard about it yet.

Timmy: Question #14: What sound is used while Patrick constructs his makeover show sets?

(Patrick walks in)

Patrick: The sound of construction, obviously.

Timmy: Question #15: Have you ever tried to dig up some of the earliest episodes of the series from the grave? Actually, I haven't.

Zim: Those episodes were only sent to a grave to meet standards.

Timmy: I don't plan on reviving those episodes anyway.

Zim: OK, then.

Timmy: Question #16: Have you ever tried to move to a non-Nickelodeon network? I dunno.

Zim: Me neither.

Timmy: Question #17: Why do you try to forget about some story arcs? We've gotten away from most of those due to low story arc budget.

Zim: Yes, we did.

Timmy: Question #18: When was the story arc that fit into the racing genre? Star Car, obviously.

Zim: I remember when we raced against others. And then we got entered into the championship.

Timmy: Question #19: Have you ever tried synthpop? Never.

Zim: That's another "never" on this huge list of quotes.

Timmy: Question #20: Have you ever gotten an idea bulb? I tried that. The ideas usually work, but... I never got one.

Zim: I know.

Timmy: Question #21: When is "Invader Zim: The Movie" coming out? Who wrote this letter?

Zim: The movie is fake. It wasn't even reviewed on IGN.

Timmy: Question #22: Have you ever had a band play for the show? Nope- most of them use content too inappropriate for this show. By that, I mean TV-MA content.

Zim: That's why.

Timmy: Question #23: Are you gonna revive the last three episodes of Season 2? No idea.

Zim: That was... deja vu.

Timmy: Question #24: How many episodes does the show have? Over 65, obviously.

Zim: That's a lot of episodes.

Timmy: Question #25: Do you feel like the show is getting less original with every season? We try to do original plots.

Zim: We have some original plots.

Timmy: Final question: How many times has the show been moved to channel after channel? The show started on Nickelodeon, then the show moved three times.

Zim: Is the questionnaire over?

Timmy: Yes. Yes it is.

Writer's Block (written by Curiousgorge66) (TV-PG)

The writers of Cartoon Crossover run out of ideas for the show, and the creator decides to give them some ideas.


Writer #1: I'm out of ideas.

Writer #2: Me too.

Show Creator: I've got some ideas. Here's one. Timmy jumps off a motorcycle and discovers a red-

Writer #1: Hello? That idea is irrelevant.

Show Creator: Hmm... Good point.

(the show's creator tosses the idea aside)

Show Creator: Then how about giving a pony Super Seeds-

Writer #2: We've done that already.

Show Creator: OK, then.

(the show's creator tosses it aside)

Show Creator: Here's another. Timmy turns into an zebra-

Writer #2: Yeah... have we ever turned any characters into other animals?

Show Creator: OK.

(the show's creator tosses it aside)

Show Creator: Then how about Zim taking over Retroville and turning it into Alienville-

(the writers start laughing)

Writer #1: Alienville? You crack me up!

Show Creator: OK, I get it.

(the show's creator tosses it aside)

Extreme Makeover: We've Had Too Many Editions Edition (written by Curiousgorge66) (TV-PG-V)

Patrick's first makeover show finally gets released in it's entirety on DVD.



Return of the Star Car (written by Curiousgorge66) (TV-PG-V)

Timmy and Zim find out that the Star Car is fixed and ready for another race.



Time to Say Goodbye, part 1 (written by Curiousgorge66) (TV-PG)

Everyone starts packing up to say goodbye to each other, for an unexplained reason.



Time to Say Goodbye, part 2 (written by Curiousgorge66) (TV-PG)

When everyone finishes packing up, they make other preparations to move out of the Nicktoons treehouse.




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