This is a list of all Cartoon Crossover episodes from Season 1.

Don't delete episodes.


Frosty Freezy Frozen / Timmy & Jimmy: Un-Power Hour (written by Curiousgorge66) (TV-PG)

1st segment: Original series' Episode 3a revision.

2nd segment: Timmy and Jimmy decide that they want the shortest Power Hour ever- all in 11 minutes (hence Un-Power Hour).


Fanboy: One Frosty Freezy Freeze, please!

Chum-Chum: Um... Fanboy?

Fanboy: WHAT?

Chum Chum: Is the machine even cooled off?

Fanboy: Of Course!

(walks over to machine, which dispenses blue Frosty Freezy Freeze instead of red)

Fanboy: New coloring. (sip)

Chum Chum: It's not the coloring. It's 3 degrees below 0!

Fanboy: What's the risk? (gets frozen)

Chum Chum: Oh No! I gotta get him outta here!

(tries a jackhammer, a screwdriver, and explosives)

Jimmy: You're trying it too wrong! Heat device!

Chum Chum: Ooo.

Jimmy: See ya!

Chum Chum: It didn't work! Ya! (throws hammer)


Fanboy: Hot cocoa, please.

Chum Chum: One hot cocoa, please.

(hands over dollar)

Boog: Careful or you gonna get bopped!

Fanboy: No more Frosty Freezy Freeze under 7 degrees, please!

(hands over dollar and gets bopped)

Boog: Bop! You sayin' it needs to cool down?

Fanboy: Yeah.


Tmmy: So bored. Can't focus.

Jimmy: Why not make another Power Hour, Timmy?

Timmy: Good choice of words, but no. There's only 11-12 minutes!

Jimmy: I get your point.

Timmy: I'm thinking more along the lines of UN-Power Hour!

Jimmy: When do we get started?

Timmy: 3... 2... 1!

Tak And The Power Of Fry-Cooking / SpongeBob's Grease Trap Accident (written by Curiousgorge66) (TV-PG)

1st segment: Tak is sentenced to be a fry cook.

2nd segment: SpongeBob accidentally puts a Krabby Patty in the deep fryer.

Cartoon Crossover pic

From Cartoon Crossover, episode 2b.


Headmaster: I sentence...

Tak: Who?

Headmaster: You, Tak!

Tak: (gasp)

Headmaster: Fry cooking or death!

Tak: I take not death!

Headmaster: Your sentence begins Monday!


SpongeBob: Ahh. What a day! I'm gonna cook this patty up.

(slips on a grease spill, sending the patty into the deep fryer)

SpongeBob: NOOOOOOOOO! At least it wasn't the last one.

(drinks Frosty Freezy Freeze)

SpongeBob: Kinda weird taste. What is it? Oh well.

Timmy and Jimmy: Power Half-hour (written by Curiousgorge66) (TV-PG)

Timmy and Jimmy devise a Power Half-hour.


Timmy: Hey! What's this?

Jimmy: A kind of Nitrogen.


Pearliapocalypse / Accidents Sometimes Happen (written by Curiousgorge66) (TV-PG)

1st segment: Pearlium is destroyed by Danny Phantom.

2nd segment: Squidward breaks his other leg.


Danny: I've demolished this once big city. A totalitarian society with limits. Now it's like Life After Nicktoons in here. Nothing can ruin my day now.

Sam: Um... Danny? You destroyed the city.


Squidward: Oh, it happened again!

SpongeBob: What, Squidward?

Squidward: My other leg!

SpongeBob: Okay.

Extreme Makeover: Hairdo Edition, Pt 1 / Extreme Makeover: Hairdo Edition, Pt 2 (story by Omgitskittykatty, written by Curiousgorge66) (TV-PG-V)

1st segment: Patrick starts his own makeover show.

2nd segment: Patrick's makeover show goes nuts.


Patrick: I should start my own makeover show!

(build build build)

Patrick: Done!


Patrick: Done, Squidward!

Squidward: Eww!

Timmy & Jimmy: Power Half-hour 2: Ur Not Pullin That (written by Curiousgorge66) (TV-PG-V)

MeeksMan is banned permanently from the Uncle Grandpa Wiki, and Timmy & Jimmy investigate.


MeeksMan: What the? (reads) Ur not pullin that on my wiki. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

(Meanwhile in Dimmsdale)

Jimmy: 7!

Timmy: 6!

Jimmy: 5!

Timmy: 4!


MeeksMan: Hey.

Timmy: Uhh...

Jimmy: Hello.

Irrelevent, Pt 1 / Irrelevent, Pt 2 (written by Curiousgorge66) (TV-PG)

Timmy Turner hacks into Suzon's account and deletes everything.


Timmy: I wonder if... (types in Suzon's username/password)

Timmy: Yes! Get rid of all these messages...

Computer: Purging Nickelodeon Fanon Wiki. 1%. 2%. 3%. 4%.

(a few seconds later...)

Computer: Nickelodeon Fanon Wiki PURGED. Deleting Nickelodeon Fanon Wiki. 5%. 10%. 15%. 20%.

(one second later...)

Computer: Nickelodeon Fanon Wiki DELETED. Purging Wikia. 80%. Wikia PURGED. Deleting Wikia. 95%. Wikia DELETED. Purging Wikipedia. Wikipedia PURGED. Deleting Wikipedia. Wikipedia DELETED. Purging Internet. Internet PURGED. Shutting down...

Timmy's Dad: Honey! TV's on the fritz!

Timmy: Virus! Must... Bring back Internet!

(at Piggly Wiggly...)

ATM: Purging data. Data PURGED. Shutting down.

(at a Community One bank...)

Computer: Purging Data. Data PURGED. Shutting down.

(In the Far East...)

Computer: Purging China. China PURGED. Shutting Down.

Timmy: Chinese People Disappear?

Computer: That's right. I am a spreading virus that will end the world! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Timmy: I can unplug you at any time.

Computer: I purged everything. Purging America. Cannot be purged. WHAT?

Scientist: We found a way to prevent this months ago.

Timmy: (clicks on virus, and drags her to recycling bin) Now to purge YOU!


Timmy: Done and done!

Computer: Restoring everything. Returning to the past... Restoration complete!

Virus: Shoot. Locked forever.


Suzon: YOU!

Timmy: (writes an irrelevent article)


Computer: Suzon Blocked.

Tak vs. Fry Cooking (written by Curiousgorge66) (TV-PG-V)

Tak's sentence runs out.


Headmaster: Tak, your sentence is over, and therefore... you're fired.

Tak: YES! I can practice juju again!

Headmaster: However, screw up once more and you have no choice. You WILL die if you screw up again.

Nicktoons Schoolhouse Rock! (written by Curiousgorge66) (TV-PG)

The Nicktoons star in parodies of Schoolhouse Rock!

1st Song: Giant, Giant, Giant, written by Timmy Turner. It teaches how to gain height quickly and at a large rate. Parody of Lolly, Lolly, Lolly Get Your Adverbs Here.

2nd Song: Interjections, written by Danny Phantom. This song shows you how the Nicktoons are when they use Interjections. Parody of the song of the same name.

3rd Song: I Don't Got Six, written by Zim & Dib. It teaches how six is an answer of 3 x 2. Parody of I Got Six.

4th Song: Three Is The Magic Number, written by SpongeBob SquarePants. This song teaches how Three can do many things. Parody of Three Is A Magic Number.

5th Song: Non-Function Junction, written by Fanboy and Chum-Chum. This song teaches about how kids are getting free behavior modification pills. Parody of Conjunction Junction.

6th Song: It's The Planet Janet, written by Sheen. It teaches about the solar system. Parody of Interplanet Janet.


SpongeBob: What's going on?

Jimmy Neutron: I'm making the studio for Nicktoons Schoolhouse Rock! Be back in 11 hours with a song!

(11 hours later...)

SpongeBob: Is this it?

Jimmy Neutron: Yeah, this is great!

So Totally Thwacked Out / The Misadventures Of Manny Rivera (TV-PG)

1st segment: Timmy is bopped by Boog at the Frosty Mart.

2nd segment: Manny Rivera loses his El Tigre outfit and forced to live as a normal kid. His father and grandpa also lose their superhero identities.


Timmy: Hi!

Boog: Bop! (bops Timmy)

Timmy: Ouch!


Manny: You're taking away our powers?

Attorney: I'm sorry. But anyone who violates copyright laws or have not shown up in this cartoon for 9 episodes are to be forever a normal kid.

Manny's Dad: WHAT?

Attorney: I need your powers, too. And your father's.

Everyone: AWW! (Hands over Manny's Dad's outfiit and his Grandpa's hat)

Manny: Now What?

Attorney: Take me home, so mote it be! (disappears)

Manny: Wha?

Why When Nicktoons Go Bad Was Cancelled, Pt 1 / Why When Nicktoons Go Bad Was Cancelled, Pt 2 (written by Curiousgorge66) (TV-PG-V)

Knowledgeable Marksman stops by to lecture the Nicktoons.


SpongeBob: Why, I'd- huh?

KM: Hello, Nicktoons!

Everyone: Hello, KM.

KM: Is this any way to treat me?

SpongeBob: Settle down.

KM: Let me break it down into song. (plays rock and roll)

I... I wanna rock and roll all right!

Not take irrelevent stuff!

I... Wanna get rid of irrelevency!

YEAH! Irrelevency!

KM: How'd you like it?

SpongeBob: That... was...

Mark Chang: AWFUL! I'm reporting you to the authorities!

KM: Report me, and you'll get blocked!

Timmy: Calm Down!

Zim: I liked When Nicktoons Go Bad... Why cancel it?

KM: Let me explain... (reads) Once upon a time, there was an awsome show called "When Nicktoons Go Bad". It WAS a classic Nick Fanon series.Then one day, a Wikia user decided, hey, I'm gonna use Cartoon Network characters, and put two nerds on the show. They remained there for two seasons. THAT WAS THE LAST STRAW! I plagued the page and deleted it... FOREVER.

Zim: When was it's comeback?

KM: The second I deleted it... and I got rid of it again! Then it was talk after talk... and then IRRELEVENT stuff all over again! So... listen to an admin.

Zim: Okay.

An Urge To Bring Back A Classic Nick Fanon Series (written by Curousgorge66) (TV-PG)

Timmy Turner was chosen to bring back When Nicktoons Go Bad.


Timmy: Strange comet!

Angel: Timmy, you have to bring back the page...

Timmy: This is getting freaky...

(next day...)

Timmy: An angel told me to bring back When Nicktoons Go Bad!

(everyone looks at Timmy)

Zim: Turner, you're crazy!

Danny Phantom: What's in it for us?

Timmy: Candy and ghost-hunting equipment!

Everyone: (cheering)


Timmy: I declare war on you!

KM: War will get you blocked.

Timmy: How much farther?

KM: You can recreate the page YOURSELF! But Nickelodeon characters-

Timmy: We've been through this disscussion already!

KM: Another insult and you're getting blocked.

Timmy: Fine! (writes down I HATE ZIM on wood)

KM: Personal attack! One more attack and it's blocking for Turner!

Timmy: No, you piece of crap!

KM: No one has EVER cursed in this cartoon before! It makes me too mad, I- GAH!

Zim: You messed up big time, Turner.


(cuts to The End sign)

Turner Is Punished, Pt 1 / Turner Is Punished, Pt 2 (written by Curiousgorge66) (TV-PG)

Timmy Turner is blocked by Knowledgeable Marksman.


Narrator: Hi. Remember me? Timmy Turner was about to get it.

(back to the episode)

Zim: You messed up big time, Turner!

Timmy: Wait! I can explain!

KM: No talks, just blocks.

Timmy: I failed.

Angel: HOW DARE YOU FAIL, TURNER! YOU MADE ME DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (gurgling)

Timmy: No! Please, understand!

KM: Once it's decided, it's done, Turner.

Timmy: I feel useless.

KM: You should! Cause you've just been blocked!

I Wanna Be In The Season Finale (written by Curiousgorge66) (TV-PG)

Timmy wants to be in the season finale.


Timmy: This is no way to treat a 10-year old boy!

KM: Double-blocked!

Timmy: I HATE ZIM!

KM: Triple blocked!

The Season Finale (written by Curiousgorge66) (TV-PG)

Timmy is accused of spam by Zim.
Cartoon Crossover pic 3

From Cartoon Crossover's season 1 finale on ToonNick.


Zim: Aww... Let's get this over with, shall we?

Computer: You have no messages.

Zim: Grr...

(a few days later...)

Zim: Aww... Let's get this over with, shall we?

Computer: Still no messages.

Zim: GRR!

(a few more days later...)

Zim: Aww... Let's get this over with, shall we?

Computer: You Have...

Zim: Yes!

Computer: ZERO messages!

Zim: GRR!

Computer: You have tons of mail!

Zim: FINALLY! But it's all from Timmy Turner!

Computer: Warning! Spam detected!

Zim: TURNER! You think you can spam my computer and get away from it?

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