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Card Brawls 
Genre: Action 
Creator: InterspaceMaster 
Writer: InterspaceMaster 
Director: InterspaceMaster 
Developer: InterspaceMaster 
Presenter: InterspaceMaster 
Number of seasons:
Number of episodes: 77 
First run: 31/3/2013 
First aired: Pilot 
Last aired: The Final Brawl 
Preceded by: None 
Followed by: Card Brawls 2 - Delta Evolution

Card Brawls is a series made by InterspaceMaster. It centers on the life of a young teen called Zac X. He does not remember his past, all he remembers is how he made a trading-card game with the same name as the series.


Zac X(main article Zac X) He is the main protagonist for Card Brawls. He uses Fire-Cards.

Chuck Lenny(main article Chuck Lenny) He is Zac's friend. He uses Rock-Cards and is Sarah's brother.

Sarah Lenny(main article Sarah Lenny) She is Zac's love interest. She uses Light-Cards.

Mas Ker(main article Mas Ker) He is the main antagonist for Card Brawls. He uses Dark-Cards.

Dave Lenny(main article Dave Lenny) Sarah and Chuck's long lost evil cousin. He uses Wind-Cards.

Master Antonio(main article Antonio) The seemingly creator of Card Brawl. He uses Water-Cards

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