Not to be confused with Car from Randomness Everywhere.

Car is a 2013 TV show that is unique for having CGI, animation, and live action all in one. (CGI used for the cars, buildings, the ground, and everything else besides characters and some clouds, animation was used for characters, and live action for the backgrunds and three characters.)


A human who hates wheelchairs and walking decides to drive instead of walking for the rest of his life. There he meets other people like him who drive instead of walking, and they race for an un-imaginable amount of infinity dollars for eternity, even if you die your lifeless body still gets money. Soon they become bitter rivals who hate each other, as the man's right arm breaks. He loses the race as his enemy, Rich McRichGuy, earns the cash. So he spends the rest of his life adventuring and being a hero.

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