Charlie O' Avraf II
Alias(es) Captain O' Avraf, Mr. Flame, Police Chief O' Avraf, Chuck, Charlie
Appears in Syndicate
Age 40
Gender Male
Status Alive
Species Human
Birth June 6, 1983
Height 5,9
Weight 200 Lbs.
Friends None
Enemies Wario, Syndicate
Love interests Sierra J. Avraf (spouse)
Eye color Blue
Hair color Black
Religion Christian
Weapons Shotgun (main), various other explosives and firearms
Equipment Armor
Family Sierra J. Avraf (spouse)
Voice Actor Harry Grocker (mugshot on Nicky)

Captain O' Avraf (Charles O' Avraf II), also known as Chief O' Avraf, is a foe to various heroes and antiheroes in the Nickelodeon Fanonverse. He is the corrupt chief of the Nicktropolis Police Force.


The captain is a cold and selfish man. Showing little care for anyone, he craves money and nothing more.  In public he is a proud bombastic man with "strong values". He is a christian and forces his beliefs on people and uses his religion to the extreme. His true personality is much darker. He is a very controlling person who orders his minions and thugs like they are slaves and if they slip up he is first to punish. He has a grudge against vigilantes because of their recklessness. He has friends in all rich people in Nicktropolis and that's why he goes after "The Golden Theif". The cpatian himslef is upper-middle class to rich with a large house, and an expensive car.

Powers and Abilities






Charlie O' Avraf the Second, was born on June 6, 1983 to Jolene and Charlie Avraf at the St. Soliets Hosptial. He was raised in the mountains and went to school. Charlie was the average jock/bully at his school and became feared. Charlie went into college football but quit for his girlfriend because she wanted him to become a police officer. As he was ready to propose, his girlfriend was diagnosed with cancer and died. Now with his life ruined, Charlie started to not care about anything but himself and became a cold heartless person.

Early career


In Syndicate

O' Avraf is an extremely corrupt police officer who uses his knowledge of gangs to coerce them into surrendering some of their profits and supplies to him and the NPF, while regularly committing police brutality at the same time. O' Avraf is actually allied with the Firefall Crime Gang, being their secret leader.

His philosophy to cleaning up the streets of Nicktropolis is "one percent at a time" — assassinate small-time crooks and criminals one by one, to "improve" the city without involving the legal system.






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