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The Poster for the Show with the original Nick logo 
Genre: Comedy 
Creator: Superhappyyoshis 
Writer: Superhappyyoshis 
Director: Superhappyyoshis 
Developer: Superhappyyoshis 
Presenter: Superhappyyoshis 
Starring: Cling, Spork, Nyra, Dorchun, Scark 
Voices: Superhappyyoshis 
Narrator: Superhappyyoshis 
Theme composer: Superhappyyoshis 
Opening theme: The Caiman Realm 
End theme: Scarc's Nest 
Number of seasons:
Number of episodes: Unknown 
List of episodes: None (so far) 
Executive producer: Superhappyyoshis 
Producer: Superhappyyoshis 
Asst. producer: Superhappyyoshis 
Production Company: Crocodiles Rule Inc. 
Editor: Superhappyyoshis 
Location: CaimanClaw Forest, CaimanClaw Elementary School 
Runtime: 20 minutes (with no commercial breaks) 
Original Channel: Nick 
Picture format: Superhappyyoshis 
Audio format: Superhappyyoshis 
First aired: The Tooth/Rip his Teeth Out! 
Last aired: 6th Grade Finale 
Preceded by: The Count Desertstone Show 
Followed by: ??? 
Related: The Count Desertstone Show 
Offical website: (Not .net, .net is for losers)
Caiman is a comedy show created due to the failure of The Count Desertstone Show. The show revolves around Cling, a 5th grader Spectacled Caiman (Caiman Crocodilus).


Main Characters

Cling: A Spectacled Caiman in 5th grade. He is the main prognostist of the series, and many of his lines became a meme on Youtube.

Spork: A Broad-Snouted Caiman in 5th grade. He is the dueteragonist of the series. He is Cling's best freind.

Dorchun: A Cuiver's Dwarf Caiman in 6th grade. He is a dim-whitted character, and visits CaimanClaw Elementary school often and is in the "Needs Help" classroom in CaimanClaw Middle School.

Nyra: A Spectacled Caiman adult. She is the main antagonist of the series. She wants to destroy every world and create a perfect world for herself, and she stated she's "starting" at destroying CaimanClaw Forest.

Scark: A Spectacled Caiman adult. He is the secondary antagonist of the series. He is the mate of Nyra and wants to destroy all worlds and create a perfect "place" for the two to be together and kill, which is connected to Nyra's personal "perfect world." He takes his plots very seriously, and always fills in for Nyra when she is not there.

Recurring Characters

Cai-Mon: An insane chinese caiman of some sort who is colored red. He tries to help Nyra and Scark destroy CaimanClaw Forest by cutting down the trees and making them scrolls for China, though Nyra and Scark want to kill all the caimans and move on to other places.

Mon-Key: A monkey who holds keys who is a freind of Cai-Mon. Hey is insane and a dim-whitted character.

Mrs. Lemon: The teacher of the main characters. She is addicted to spoons and forks.

Mr. Lemon: The mate of Mrs. Lemon.

Cai-Mona: The former mate of Cai-Mon and Cling's mother. She is colored white with red markings. She stopped her freindship with Cai-Mon when he wanted to kill Cling. Cai-Mon found a Newa and they had an egg, but it was crushed by Cling. Cai-Mona found Charg.

Charg: The father of Cling. Cai-Mon was Cling's old father, but Cai-Mona and Cai-Mon separated and Cai-Mona declared Charg as her new mate.

Minor Characters

Egg: A... well... egg. It was crushed by Cling.

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