Bullet Ghost 
Genre: Action/Adventure
Creator: Chaossy 
Director: Chaossy 
Developer: Chaossy 
Number of seasons:
Number of episodes: 18 (including specials) 
List of episodes: Episodes 
Executive producer: EliNinja 
Producer: EliNinja 
Asst. producer: John Bedditch 
Production Company: RaGE Animation
Editor: John Bedditch 
Runtime: 24 minutes (w/o commercials) 
Original Channel: EliShows 
Picture format: CinemaScope 21:9 HDTV 
Audio format: Dolby Digital 5.1 
First run: November 5th 2015 - December 25, 2016 
First aired: November 5th 2015 
Last aired: December 25, 2016

Bullet Ghost is an American animated television series created by Chaossy for EliShows. It is the first project made by Chaossy for EliShows. The show will premiere on November 5, 2015. It is rated TV-14 for language, bloody violence, and some sexual situations.


It was announced in early October that RaGE Animation will create a series for EliShows. It'll run for 17 episodes, and will have a Christmas special in December.


Scarlet is a ordinary teenage girl until her parents got murdered right in front of her. Now she swears revenge on the gang who killed her parents.


  • Scarlet - A 16 year-old teenage girl who is a skilled sharpshooter.


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Season Episodes Year(s) Premiere Date Finale Date DVD Release Date
Season One 17 2015-16 November 5, 2015 March 3, 2016 October 22, 2016
Specials 2 2015-16 December 22, 2015 December 25, 2016 February 12, 2017


The show was broadcast on EliShows in the United States, and is currently being reran on RaGE Nighttime.

Spin off

In 2016, it was announced that a spin off will be created called Ghost Blade, with animation by Titmouse and RaGE Animation.

In August of 2017, it was announced that production is mostly done for the spin-off, and is currently trying to find a broadcaster for the series.

In October, it was announced that Axiom Prime will broadcast the series in late primetime at 10 pm.