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 "Bull Squad is a Dutch show about a bully that is named Jake Brown and his best friend Vincent Lincoln. Also, who's name is Abraham Lincoln, who is not dead. This is a fake show so Abraham Lincoln is not alive in real life. They are joining together to save the world.  
Bull Squad 
Bull Squad Image logo 
This is an Life action show but animated 
Creator: Sorryforpartyrocking 
Writer: Sorryforpartyrocking 
Director: Sorryforpartyrocking 
Opening theme: Bob Marley - "Could you Be Loved?" 
End theme: Bob Marley - "Could you Be Loved?" (Instrumental) 
List of episodes: List of Episodes of Bull Squad 
First aired: February 4th


  • Jake Brown - The guy who is a former bully at school who is now popular. Everyone likes him but he still got bullied by one person. Voiced by Zayn Malik
  • Vincent Lincoln - The Best Friend of Jake Brown His Father is Abraham Lincoln who is still alive but moved out. In Netherland, he had a crush on Lucy Voiced by Jerry Trainor
  • Abraham Lincoln - He Moved in Netherland so America Thinks hes dead Hes Saving the world with Jake and Vincent voiced by Stephen Keys
  • Najida Samira - An Morrocan girl Jake gots an Crush on her she haves an crush on Jake Too voiced by Ariana Grande
  •  Lucy West - An Friend of Jake brown Vincent Lincoln gots an crush on her                                                     shes like sam from iCarly Voiced by Jessica McDonald
  •  Marissa Brown - The Mom of Jake brown shes an Police voiced by Nancy Cartwright

* Harold Brown - The Dad of Jake brown hes an Mad Scienist voiced by Hank Azaria

  •  Captain Kyle Brown - The Grampa of Jake brown hes an Captain and a seaman voiced by Tom Kenny
  • Lena Brown - The Gramma of Jake brown she is dead
  •  Johnny Smith - The Bully of Jake brown hes like him too he is sometimes bullying him voiced by MC Hammer
  •  Virginia Kazika - The Teacher of School shes a bit angry voiced by Rihanna
  • Martin Wayne - The Principal of The School hes nice and helping The School kids voiced by Flo Rida

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