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Rated TV-PG - Contains material that parents may find unsuitable for younger children

This show, Bouncy Ballz, is rated TV-PG, meaning it contains content that may be inappropriate for younger readers.

Bouncers Is a show that airs on Spikes/TNT and is Almost on its third season, which premiers September 8th. It was originally a web cartoon called "Bouncy Ballz" that was on, but it later got picked up by spikes and now is airing episodes on that channel.
Bouncy Ballz/Bouncers 
Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy 
Creator: Dimentio8 (revived by ThatKoop) 
Director: Invader Rob 
Developer: IAmBagel 
Presenter: HometstarSB9 
Starring: Bouncer, Lil' Squeaky, Noobingtonz, Diamond 
Narrator: Tom Kenny 
Number of seasons: 5 (Original)

Ongoing (Reboot) 

Number of episodes: 125 (Original)

Ongoing (Reboot) 

List of episodes: Bouncers Episodes

Original Bouncers Episodes 

Executive producer: HomestarSB9 
Producer: Invader Rob 
Asst. producer: IAmBagel 
Production Company: SCMY (2016)

IIII Studios (2017) 

Editor: Dimentio8, Invader Rob, ThatKoop 
Runtime: 22 Minutes/11 Minutes 
Original Channel: TNT (January 2016-December 2016)

Spikes (December 2016-Present) 

Picture format: 16:9 HDTV 
First aired: July 7, 2012 (Original)

January 8, 2016 (Reboot) 

Last aired: December 13, 2014 (Original)

July 5, 2019 

Offical website:


Bouncer- An energetic blue ball made of very bouncy material.

The main cast from left to right- Bouncer (far left) Lil' Squeaky (left) Tina (left) Noobingtonz (middle) Tanga (right) Metaman (right) Beanson (far right) Diamond (far right)

Lil' Squeaky- Bouncer's baby brother made of plastic.

Noobingtonz/Narcictic- A lazy green ball made of metal.

Tina- Bouncer's love intrest and a fuzzy pink ball.

Metaman- The main antagonist who is a mad scientist. He is a metal ball

Diamond- The most popular girl in school. She is a diamond.

Beanson- The school teacher who has anger management issues. He has similarites to Benson from Regular Show.

Tanga- Beanson's wife who is very calm. She is also the music teacher of the preschool around the block.


Dimentio8- Bouncer, Beanson

Tara Strong- Lil' Squeaky, Diamond, Tina, Tanga

Invader Rob- Metaman, Noobingtonz




New Episodes Promo for The Bouncers Reboot

Find the gallery here

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