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Big World
Format Comedy
Musical Comedy
Created by Noah Z. Jones
Writer(s) C.H. Greenblatt
No. of episodes 80
Run time September 16, 2011
Rated TV-Y7
Network Nickelodeon
Starring Frankie Muniz
Dillion Lane
Mandy Moore
First aired September 16, 2011
Last aired May 20, 2016

Big World is a Comedy Cartoons that airs on Nickelodeon, Nicktoons


  • Mikal, Benny, & Mia is a Teenager. Going to High School with My Friends. They're Lives in San Diego. Together with Barfmantha His Teacher Mr. Oswald.


List of Big World Episodes


Main Characters

  • Mikal (Voice By Frankie Muniz)
  • Benny (Voice By Dillion Lane)
  • Mia (Voice By Mandy Moore)

Recurring Characters

  • Chila (Voice By Grey DeLisle)
  • Barfmantha (Voice By Tara Strong)
  • Bobby Glass (Voice By Dee Bradley Baker)
  • Jumbo Bradley (Voice By Jason Harris)
  • Deena (Voice By Tara Strong)
  • Beena (Voice By Janice Kawaye)
  • Kimberley (Voice By Cree Summer)
  • Emargot (Voice by Kelly Hu)
  • Big Koli (Voice by Tara Strong)
  • Randy Anderson (Voice by Tom Kenny)
  • Joe Gregory (Voice by Alec Holden)
  • Steve Johnson (Voice by Drake Bell)
  • Danny (Voice by Jeff Bennett)
  • Annie (Voice by Janice Kawaye)


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