Bell's Decision is an episode of Chrome's Show of Chromeyness.


Lord Zorgu's cat named Bell falls from a window and is taken care of by Chrome and his friends.

Bell is in a middle of a training in Lord Zorgu's gigantic ship, breaking targets with her bare paws. Lord Zorgu claps and congratulates her, and sets up mor etargets with the push of a button. Bell attacks a target near the window, and goes right through it which breaks the window, sending her plummeting dozens of feet to the ground.

Hope notices Bell injured while flying around the city and scoops her up. She takes her to Chrome's house while him and Rob are watching an Ootball game. Chrome and Rob ignore her and the cat and continue to cheer and argue about which team's going to win. Daccino falls down the stairs and greets the gang. Daccino has a look of confusion upon his face when he sees Hope holding a cat. Daccino asks if they're getting a new pet, and Hope responds with a "possibly". Daccino shrugs and sits down on the couch, playing Super Dr. Suess Bros. for the WiiDS: Fitty-Fact Giraffe on his 3DS. TBA.

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