Episode: Beginnings
Airdate: January 6,, 2015
Writer(s): Derpy, KM, Bagel and MattBoo
Storyboards by: Derpy, Krazy, and Web
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Beginnings is the first episode of Kyle in the Fanonverse. It aired January 6, 2015 on The Qwerty Channel.


Kyle gets sucked into the Fanonverse through a wormhole in a comic book.


(Theme song plays)

(Kyle is looking for a comic book)

Kyle: What do I read? CopKittens, Bandit Territory, The Adventures of Ross the Panda, Web!, SpongeBob: Infection... Hey, what's this? (picks up strange comic book) Fanonverse Chronicles? Well, OK. (Kyle opens the comic book) What the heck? (Wormhole sucks in Kyle) (Kyle screams) Mom! Help! (Kyle is lying unconscious in the middle of Erin's driveway) (Erin walks by)

Erin: Are you OK?

(Kyle groans)

Erin: Wario! There's some unconscious kid in our driveway!

Wario: Its probably just the guy you "accidentally killed" last week.

Erin: No, this one's a kid.

(Wario walks in)

Erin: Let's take him to the hospital.

Wario: Ugh, fine!

(At the hospital)

Erin: Doctor, is he going to be OK?

Doctor Bagel: How am I supposed to know? I'm just a anthropomorphic bagel who starred in a franchise of shows, movies and toys.

(Kyle wakes up) Kyle: Where am I?

Erin: The Fanonverse...



  • All scenes of Kyle in the real world were shot in live action.

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