Be The Star is a 2015 videogame developed by Nickelodeon.


  • Gorge- On lead guitar.
  • Chrome- On drums.
  • Elijah- On bass.
  • Dimension Cat- On rhythm guitar.
  • Bagel (voiced by IAmBagel)- On vocals (for some songs).


Gorge meets up with Elijah, Chrome and Dimension Cat to form the band Awesomesauce. After the meeting, Gorge finds two more people to be part of their band, Bagel and Sophie.

After 9 songs were played, Gorge discovers that his only experience while playing was figuring out how to play guitar. So he arranges a final tour, consisting of all the songs listed below. After that, the band breaks up.


  • J.E. Broyhill Civic Center (North Carolina, only booked for shows not featuring a distorted guitar)
  • Blue Man Group Sharp Aquos Theatre (Orlando, Florida)
  • Nickelodeon on Sunset (Burbank, California)

List of songs

Song Original performer On vocals
Just What I Needed The Cars Bagel
Call Me Blondie Sophie
Down Under Men At Work Original Vocalists
Lola The Kinks Bagel
My Generation The Who Bagel
Invincible Pat Benetar Original vocalist
Sending Out an SOS The Police Original vocalists
Rainbow In The Dark Dio Original vocalist
What I Like About You The Romances Bagel
All Star Smash Mouth The Blood Brothers
Can't Touch This MC Hammer The Blood Brothers
Thriller Michael Jackson Original vocalist
Peace of Mind Boston Original vocalist
Monster Skillet The Blood Brothers
Hero Skillet The Blood Brothers (lead)
Sophie (backing)
Devour Shinedown Original vocalist
You Really Got Me The Kinks Sophie
Turning Japanese The Vapors Sophie
Bat Out of Hell Meat Loaf Original Vocalist
Girls, Girls, Girls Motley Crue Bagel
Kickstart My Heart Motley Crue Bagel (lead)
Sophie (backing)
Maggie May Rod Stewart Original Vocalist
Young Turks Rod Stewart Sophie
Rocket Man Elton John Original vocalist
Small Town John Mellencamp Original vocalist
Hurts So Good John Mellencamp Sophie
Pink Houses John Mellencamp Original vocalist
Ain't Even Done With The Night John Mellencamp Original vocalist
Cover of the Rolling Stone Dr. Hook Original vocalist
All Day and All of the Night The Kinks Ray Davies (lead)
Sophie (backing)
Who Are You The Who Original vocalist

List of playable instruments

  • Distorted Guitar- only in Hard Rock/Heavy Metal songs. Can also be picked in custom mode.
  • Lead Guitar- Can be picked in custom mode.
  • Drums- Can be picked in custom mode.
  • Rhythm Guitar- Can be picked in custom mode.
  • Bass- Can be picked in custom mode.

Please note that at least 4 of these are required (drums, lead or distorted guitar, bass, rhythm guitar).


  • The game is exclusive to Nintendo 3DS.
  • The Be The Star version of The Who's "Who Are You" is the American single edit.
  • This is the final game developed by Nickelodeon Jam Studios; the building was demolished after the game's release.

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