"BatDoug's Completely Realistic and Awesome Adventure In VECTOR LAND"
Episode: 38
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Writer(s): IAmBagel
Storyboards by: IAmBagel
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BatDoug's Completely Realistic and Awesome Adventure in VECTOR LAND is the 38th episode of Chrome's Show of Chromeyness.


Doug is unable to fight crime due to a decrease of criminal activity, so Doug decides to make a comic about his superhero persona, BatDoug, attempting to stop a bank robbery in VECTOR LAND. Doug finishes the comic and narrates the entire thing to Bagel and Chrome, but the two find the story really bad and constantly try to change it while Doug is narrating.


In Doug's house, we see Doug being awoken by his alarm clock. Because Doug is still drowsy, Doug mistakes the alarm for the "BatDoug Alarm", which sounds whenever there is a crime taking place. Doug then quickly gets out of his bed and puts on his BatDoug mask, and enters the secret passage to the "Dougcave" (his basement). While there, BatDoug pretends to do some calculations on where the crime is. He then enters the Dougmobile and drives to Papa Squeegee. However, when BatDoug exits the car and dashes into the restaurant, no crime is visible, and people are simply enjoying their meals. BatDoug is dumbfounded by this, so he begins questioning the people into the restaurant, including the foods, about if a crime happened here. The disruption causes him to be kicked out of the restaurant. BatDoug then begins to search all of town to find crime, but he finds nothing. He eventually just heads back home, dissapointed of the lack of crime. Being easily bored, Doug tries to find other things to do, but he easily becomes disinterested in them. Doug then decides to look at his comic book stash to see if there's anything worth re-reading. While looking at a comic book, Doug realizes that if he can't go on a crime-fighting adventure, then he'll just make his own. He then rushes out to the store, and comes back with ridiculous amounts of paper, crayons and markers.

At Chrome's house, we see him and Bagel watching a marathon of The Barber. As a commercial break airs, the two discuss the plot twist that just happened, where it was revealed that the Barber shot the President of the Moon. Just as the show comes back on, Doug crashes his Dougmobile directly into Chrome's house, damaging the television. Chrome, obviously angered, yells at Doug, telling him that he owes him a new television. Doug ignores everything Chrome just said and holds up a pile of wrinkled papers stapled together. Doug, visably excited, tells Chrome and Bagel that he's going to read his "magnum opus", entitled "BatDoug's Completely Realistic and Awesome Adventure in VECTOR LAND". Chrome walks out without saying anything, but is stopped when Doug ties him to the couch.

The camera pans into the comic book, where the animation style drastically changes into a crudely-drawn style. Doug's story begins as we see him waking up, hearing a cry for help. He immediately jumps into action by putting on his BatDoug mask and getting into the Dougmobile. He manages to track down where the scream was coming from, which turns out to be inside Chrome's house. BatDoug crashes his car into the house, and catches Chrome, who has a top hat and a ridiculously long mustache, laughing maniacally as his Gameboy is seen tied to a rope, being slowly pulled down into a pit of "lava sharks from the depths of Super Death Volcano...IN SPACE!!!!". However, the story is interrupted by real-life Chrome, who complains that his mustache isn't big enough, and that his top hat is ugly. Bagel complains about Chrome being evil. Doug assures the two that his story is perfect and that nothing needs to be changed. The story continues as we see BatDoug tackling Chrome, demanding that he states why he's toruting the Gameboy. Chrome explains that he plans to kill the Gameboy, so that he can use it's remains to build a "Scrub Slayer" as means of ruling the world. BatDoug decides to try to rescue the Gameboy instead of fighting Chrome, but as BatDoug jumps onto the rope, Chrome uses his "ultra hyper realistic mind hax0r powers" to send BatDoug inside the Gameboy, and into VECTOR LAND.

Bagel interupts the story, stating that it is impossible for something to be "hyper realistic", while Chrome has already fallen asleep by now. Doug slaps Chrome, waking him up. Doug continues the story, where we see BatDoug being transported to VECTOR LAND. BatDoug lands directly head-first onto the ground, knocking him out. 


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