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This is a list of episodes of Balls and Crumpets.

Season 1

  1. No Port In The Storm/The Great Money Robbery (Of Money) (November 14, 2014): When Balls and Crumpets are kicked out of their old house, they are forced to go to a new one. They find The Mountain of Nothing Special, and move in. When Lighthouse Larry discovers this, he tries to ban them by saying the mountain ruins his boating./The Money is constantly bragging about his money because he is rich and recently moved in Balls and Crumpets are not. The two steal his money, and in befuddlement, The Money traps them in a room for 1 hour where they are supposed to find it. However, Balls left the money in the mountain and they are locked in, what will they do?
  2. The Secret Society of Somewhat Smart Cats/Breakfast Spam (November 15, 2014): Gary discovers a bunch of alley cats behind the mountain who have the same interests as him: world domination./Balls starts getting really weird emails.

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