BaconStudios Publishing is a British independent book/magazine publisher which was founded by Bacon M. in 2002. It's first title was Pookie's Awesome Cartoon Thing: Double Whammy! Colouring Book and Comics, which was released on October 12, 2002, and has been active since then.

Published titles


October 12

  • Pookie's Awesome Cartoon Thing: Double Whammy! Colouring Book and Comics (colouring/comic book)

December 23

  • Pookie's Awesome Cartoon Thing: Pookie Checks In: Junior Novel (novel)


February 12

July 9

  • Earth: Klortak's Puzzle Book (puzzle book)

July 10

  • Pookie's Awesome Movie Thing: Book of the Film (novel)

August 30

  • Meelk n' Creem: Bumper Book of Pretty Much Everything (mix)

December 22

  • Meelk n' Creem: Creemmas (novel)


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