Current logo, designed by BaconMahBoi.
Launched March 19, 2015
Closed Still running
Owned by BaconStudios
Picture format 576i (16:9)
Audience share 0.12% (September 2016, BARB)
Slogan Fry up some laughter.
Country United Kingdom
Language English
Broadcast area United Kingdom, Ireland
Headquarters Motherwell, Scotland
Formerly called Mr Pookie Channel
VuTV Channel 239 on Freeview (UK)
Sky Channel 637
Virgin Media Channel 720
UPC Ireland Channel 637
WightFibre Channel 103
TalkTalk Plus TV Channel 489
BT Channel 489
Plusnet Channel 489


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BaconNetwork is a British television channel founded by BaconStudios in 2015. The channel launched on 19 March 2015 at 7am and airs daily from 7am - 9pm. The channel airs BaconStudios programming with some original programming. The channel is made for viewers 8 and up.

On March 1, 2016, the channel rebranded, with the same logo but new idents, bumpers, promos etc.




Series Premiere date Status
Pete Coldary (season 3 only) 03/19/15 (reruns) 04/7/15 (original episodes) airing last season
Let Randomness Live Forever (series of shorts, airs during breaks) 04/20/15 airing new episodes occasionally
That Cool Show That Makes No Sense Whatsoever 05/04/15 airing season 2, renewed for seasons 3 through 4
Dogs 06/04/15 airing second season
Mission: Pond Possession 07/06/15 airing second season
Pookie's Awesome Cartoon Thing (2015 TV series) 10/05/15 airing second season
The Bacon Chronicles 10/19/15 first season ended, renewed for season 2
Roomiez+ 12/07/15 renewed for season 2
Toaster Everything+ 12/08/15 airing second season
Pirate Quest Time Spectacular+ 12/09/15 airing second season
Press Start+ 12/10/15 renewed for season 2
Escape School+ 12/11/15 cancelled
Portal Heroes (season 3 - present) 6/6/16 airing third season
The Big City 14/03/16 airing first season
Meelk n' Creem (season 11 - present) 19/03/15 (reruns) 25/04/16 (original episodes) airing eleventh season
TownLife 02/05/16 airing first season


The Epic Adventures Beneath our Feet
Meelk n' Creem
Portal Heroes
The Spectacular Raisin Show
Choco's Adventures
Welcome to Funworld Arcade
Wayward Preteens



Shows Premiere date Status
Super Mega Action Bob 07/17/17 upcoming



  • Escape School (December 11, 2015 - May 3, 2016, cancelled due to low viewership) (I'm too lazy to make a table)


Series Premiere date Departing date Status Rating
Pookie's Awesome Cartoon Thing (2001 series) March 19, 2015 February 6, 2016 Currently airing reruns on BN2 BN-6-FV, BN-8

+- part of Toon Hour



A block that was used in April and May 2015. In April, the block featured new episodes of Pete Coldary and Let Randomness Live Forever every Monday from 6:15pm. In May, the block remained the same, however That Cool Show That Makes No Sense Whatsoever was added, airing at 6pm.

Toon Hour

A block which began on December 7, 2015 . The block premiered 5 new shows from December 7-11 every weekday at 5pm, and then repeated this cycle until January 1. All of the series except Escape School (due to negative reviews) will air a second season during 2016.


For more information on BN2 click here.

A block which began on June 25, 2016. Every weekend from 9am - 11am, classic BN2 programming from 1997 - 2005 airs for two hours. The block previously aired as a sister channel to BaconNetwork starting February 8, 2016, but was cancelled on June 24, 2016 due to very low viewership. The block is occasionally disrupted by movies, marathons etc.

More New Mondays

A fairly new block which began on February 20, 2017. New episodes of BaconNetwork's programming air every Monday from 4pm, with the content changing every month. Note that the "month" beginning February 20 ends on March 6, with the block beginning again on April 3.


February/March 2017
  • 4pm: Pookie's Awesome Cartoon Thing
  • 4:30pm: regular lineup
  • 6pm: Meelk n' Creem
  • 6:30pm: The Big City (new episodes until February 27 only)
April 2017



The current schedule can be viewed here.


Some promos aired on the channel can be viewed here (though the article is under construction).


BaconNetwork's Advent Calendar

From December 1 - December 24, BaconNetwork gave away daily prizes in their Advent calendar. Viewers spot the Christmas-themed character that appears, then go online to report for a chance to win a prize.


December 1
  • Character: Snail with reindeer antlers
  • Prize: Snail plush toy 
  • Winner: Kimberly Hughes
December 2
  • Character: Choco with Christmas wrapping
  • Prize: Choco's Adventures jigsaw 
  • Winner: Kevin Randell
December 3
  • Character: Creem wearing a Christmas jumper
  • Prize: Meelk n' Creem: The Fully Complete Seventh Season DVD
  • Winner: Noah Joell
December 4
  • Character: Chris wrapped in Christmas lights
  • Prize: Car-Boy t-shirt
  • Winner: Jenny Norris
December 5
  • Character: Pen with a Santa hat-coloured pen lid
  • Prize: Pen and Thim action figure set
  • Winner: James Wilkinson
December 6
  • Character: Pete in a Christmas jumper
  • Prize: Pete Coldary: Best Episodes Collection DVD
  • Winner: Carly Crossan
December 7
  • Character: Blast with festive colours
  • Prize: Choco's Adventures: Trip through a Space Rip DVD
  • Winner: Ava Reid
December 8
  • Character: Shope with a Christmas scarf and gloves
  • Prize: Wayward Preteens: Super Video Game Thing Time
  • Winner: Mandy Johnson
December 9
  • Character: Jonothan trying to hold on to his Santa hat
  • Prize: GOATS. Christmas bauble set
  • Winner: Joseph Smith
December 10
  • Character: Billy in a Christmas sweater
  • Prize: Mission: Pond Possession: Billy vs. Andrew jigsaw
  • Winner: Ava Jones
December 11
  • Character: Kyle with a Santa hat
  • Prize: That Cool Show: Dungeons, Prank Calls and Sticks of Dynamite
  • Winner: Jeremy Brown
December 12
  • Character: Aidan in a Christmas tree coloured suit with a star on the top of him
  • Prize: Blast Off: Character Spacesuit Customisation Kit
  • Winner: Aidan Tuite
December 13
  • Character: Bacon at the top of a Christmas tree
  • Prize: BaconNetwork Magazine: 6 Month Subscription
  • Winner: Eva Field
December 14
  • Character: Tac with a red nose
  • Prize: The Spectacular Raisin Show: Raisin Mythology and Other Stories DVD
  • Winner: Charlie Whyte
December 15
  • Character: Pookie with a Christmas pudding on his head
  • Prize: Pookie's Awesome Cartoon Thing: Posing Pookie Pyjamas
  • Winner: Jamie North
December 16
  • Character: X-Zone stuck in Christmas banners
  • Prize: Dogs X-Zone plush
  • Winner: Ava Hayley
December 17
  • Character: Chocolate Milk as a gravy holder for turkey
  • Prize: That Cool Show That Makes No Sense Whatsoever Mystery Figure Blind Bag x2 (both different figurines to avoid upsettance 
  • Winner: George Jones
December 18
  • Character: Toaster with candy cane swirls
  • Prize: Toaster Everything: Character Profile book (exclusive early release, official release February 2016)
  • Winner: Jack Hills
December 19
  • Character: Sausage as part of a Christmas dinner
  • Prize: Sausage plush toy
  • Winner: Matthew Gilmour
December 20
  • Character: Chrome being used to power Christmas lights
  • Prize: Pookie's Awesome Cartoon Thing: Chrome's Best Bits DVD
  • Winner: Timmy Waters
December 21
  • Character: Bagel as a Christmas pudding
  • Prize: Pookie's Awesome Movie Thing: Original Soundtrack CD
  • Winner: Scott Reynolds
December 22
  • Character: Captain Herrisch with Christmas lights around his peg leg
  • Prize: iPad Air 2 with Appy Chappy: The BaconNetwork App pre-installed
  • Winner: Cara Carly
December 23
  • Character: Snail with a festive design on his shell
  • Prize: The Epic Adventures Beneath our Feet: Season 1 DVD
  • Winner: Tara Macintosh
December 24
  • Character: Bacon as Santa on his sleigh with Pookie reindeers
  • Prize: Past 23 prizes plus a 30-inch inflatable Bacon
  • Winner: Erin James

Christmas Club

From 1:30pm on December 23, BaconNetwork aired a range of Christmas specials, including new specials of The Bacon ChroniclesPookie's Awesome Cartoon Thing and Pirate Quest Time Spectacular.

Half-term Heroes

From 10am - 4pm on both Scotland (8 - 10 February) and England and Wales (15 - 19 February)'s half term dates, BaconNetwork are airing their four "half-term heroes" shows (The Bacon ChroniclesPookie's Awesome Cartoon Thing reboot, That Cool Show That Makes No Sense Whatsoever and Pirate Quest Time Spectacular back-to-back.

Easter Feaster

From 9am - 3pm during the Easter weekend (25 - 28 March), there was back to back airings of The Bacon ChroniclesPookie's Awesome Cartoon ThingMeelk n' Creem and Roomiez, with new episodes of the latter two.

The Maycon Chronicles

From 1pm - 6:30pm on the May bank holiday (May 2), every episode of The Bacon Chronicles aired to celebrate.

Mid-term Meelk

On Friday 27 May and 30 May - 3 June, marathons of Meelk n' Creem were shown daily from 9am - 2pm to celebrate the mid-term breaks.

Festive Fridays

From December 2 - December 23, every Friday various Christmas specials of BaconNetwork series were shown from 4pm. There is around 2 hours of content every Friday, with the exclusion of December 23 which lasted 1 hours and 15 minutes, along with Pookie's Awesome Movie Thing in a 90 minute timeblock directly afterwards. Classic shows from BN2 were also be shown.


December 2
  • 4pm: Meelk n' Creem - "Meelk's Stupid Low-Budget Christmas Special"
  • 4:30pm: Meelk n ' Creem - "Creemmas"
  • 4;45pm: Pookie's Awesome Cartoon Thing - "Merry Pizza"
  • 5pm: Dogs - "A Dog-Gone Christmas"
  • 5:15pm: The Epic Adventures Beneath our Feet "Some Sort of Wrecked Christmas Special Thing"
December 9
  • 4pm: Pirate Quest Time Spectacular - "Winter Days"
  • 4:15pm: That Cool Show That Makes No Sense Whatsoever - "Potatomas"
  • 4:30pm: Roomiez - "Chocolate is for Life"
  • 4:45pm: Toaster Everything -  "Toaster's First Christmas"
  • 5pm: Portal Heroes - "Christmas"
  • 5:30pm: NEW The Bacon Chronicles - "Moar Krestmus"
  • 5:45pm: The Bacon Chronicles - "Christmas"
December 16
  • 4pm: Earth - "Snow"
  • 4:15pm: Earth - "I Despise Christmas"
  • 4:30pm: Dr. Bread - "An Extremely Gory Christmas"
  • 5pm: Choco's Adventures - "Yay Christmas"
  • 5:15pm: Choco's Adventures - "The Christmas Episode"
  • 5:45pm: International Ace Station - "Winter in Space"
December 23
  • 4pm: Portal Heroes - "Snow Day"
  • 4:15pm: Portal Heroes - "Winter Ends"
  • 4:30pm: Pookie's Awesome Cartoon Thing (original series) - "Winternity"
  • 4:50pm: That Cool Show - "Christmas Tree Goodbye"
  • 5pm: Pookie's Awesome Cartoon Thing - "Merry Aprilmas"
  • 5:15pm: Pookie's Awesome Movie Thing


December 16, 2015

The signal in some areas was disrupted due to heavy rain, similar to Cartoon Network. An example of CN's technical difficulties can be seen here -

March 23, 2016

At around 4pm on March 23, 2016, during an airing of Portal Heroes, both the logo and the "NEW!" text (as the episode was new) flickered on and off the screen about five times a second. A few minutes into the episode, the image suddenly inverted its colours for about four seconds, after which both problems were resolved. It was later announced that these were due to technical difficulties.


New episode labelling

On an original series' episode's first run, the words "BRAND NEW!" will appear next to the logo. For the next 10 days, if the episode reruns, it simply says "NEW!" next to the logo. If it is an episode of an acquired series is airing and is under 10 days old, it again simply says "NEW!".


Main article: is the official BaconNetwork UK website. The website includes games, videos, competitions, and show hubs for the different BN shows. The website also has had a shop feature since October 2, 2015. 

YouTube channel

Note: The channel is completely fanon and will not be found on YouTube.

The BaconNetwork official YouTube channel launched on November 2, 2015. The channel uploads one video a day (the only exception being the channel's first day, when ten videos were uploaded to kick start the channel), with show clips, teasers, behind-the-scenes, songs, and promos. The channel currently has around 50,000 subscribers and 48,000,000 views as of June 2016.

SausageNetwork joke

On April 1, 2016, the BaconNetwork employees decided to change the channel for April Fools' to SausageNetwork. Whenever The Bacon Chronicles played, the titlecard had "Sausage" replacing "Bacon".

and sign-off

When the channel opens at 7am, many scenes of BaconNetwork characters dancing, cheering etc. are played, while the narrator says "Morning! Welcome to BaconNetwork, where your cartoon dreams come true!". When the channel shuts down at 9pm, a pan of BaconNetwork characters waving goodbye is played, while the narrator says "Thanks for watching your daily dose of BaconNetwork. We'll be back tomorrow at 7am, but in the meantime, check out our website at for clips, games and more, or download the BaconNetwork app for clips and full episodes of your favourite shows. See ya!"


Promos, bumpers and screen bugs

BARB ratings

Logo gallery

YouTube channel

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