BOOM! is a traditional animated/cgi animated tv show created by James Garnhum. It premiered on May 26th 2012. The series was originally going to be called Hero after the title character and was also going to be called Galaxies but Garnhum thought those names were too generic

The show is about a shadow alien creature named Hero who is from one of the galaxies in the show has to put all the galaxies back together because E.V.I.L broke them apart and stop the evil team The Threat so they're ruler E.V.I.L(Extrodinary Very Intellegent Leader) from forming all the galaxies and making them one galaxy were he will rule the whole galaxy or better yet the whole world even earth. Hero is accompained by a teenage astronaut boy by the name of Jack and the princess of all the galaxies Princess Blu tags along with them

Hero is voiced by the show's creator James Garnhum

Jack is voiced by Jeremey Shada who is known for voicing Finn in Adventure Time

Members of The Threat are all voiced by Jeff Bennett and Nolan North

E.V.I.L is voiced by Frank Welker

Princess Blu has two different voices. In Season 1 she was voiced by actress Peyton List who is known for playing Holly Hills from the Diary of a Wimpy Kid movies and Emma Ross on the Disney Channel sitcom Jessie but due to time constrains and scheduling conflicts with those projects she had to back out of voicing Princess Blu and has only voiced her for one season. From Season 2 and ownward Princess Blu is voiced by James Garnhum's long time friend Madison Chase. Because of the sound in Madison's voice a difference between Peyton's voice and Madison's voice is heard sometimes but only a few times.

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