Axiom Entertainment
founded 2009 (Fanon Fun! Entertainment)
2016 (Axiom Entertainment)
Founder(s) Sr.Wario
Headquarters Denver, CO (2009-2016)
Las Vegas, Nevada (2016-present, Headquarters)
Osaka, Japan (Asia branch)
Divisions Axiom Tokyo
Axiom Games
Axiom Animation
Employees Chaossy (current owner)

Axiom Entertainment is an American company that produces animation and video games. It was founded as Fanon Fun! Entertainment, and in 2016, Axiom bought the company and renamed it as their own company, and moved the headquarters to Liverpool.




Live Action


  • Legend of One (December 2017)
  • Warriors of the Future (June 2018)

Video games

Feature films

  • Untitled film (2018)

Axiom Cable Network Group

Sporting contracts

Sponsorship and investment

Axiom Entertainment, under it's motorsport management name, took over half of a motorsport team and rebranded it.

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