Axiom Budget Challenge
Genre Game show
Created By Chaossy
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Starring Luke Patel
Narrated By Isaac Russell
Opening Theme Axiom Budget Challenge theme
Ending Theme Axiom Budget Challenge theme
Country Of Origin Canada
United States
Original Language(s) English
№ Of Seasons 1 (2 ordered)
№ Of Episodes 10
List Of Episodes see below
First Aired September 2017
Running Time 65 minutes
88 minutes (specials)
Production Company(s) Axiom Entertainment
Firebasket Studios
Omnifilm Entertainment
Picture Format HDTV 1080i
Audio Format Dolby TrueHD
Network AxiomTechTV

Axiom Budget Challenge is a Canadian-American game show that focuses on building budget PCs and laptops. It was announced at SDCC 2017 for a Fall 2017 release. It is produced by Firebasket Studios, Axiom Entertainment, and Omnifilm Entertainment. This is the first live-action project for Firebasket Studios.


"I still got to get through the legal stuff for the game show that my company is prod-oh [censored] I shouldn't have said anything about that. Don't mind about that."
— Chaossy, Virtual Breakfast, April 2017

During an episode of Virtual Breakfast, Chaossy accidentally leaked out that a game show was to be made by Firebasket Studios (then RaGE-Typewriter) in 2017. The line was edited out in playbacks.

At the SDCC panel for Axiom Entertainment, it was officially announced that Axiom Entertainment, Firebasket Studios, and a Canadian production company will be producing a PC build game show that will air on AxiomTechTV.

AxiomTechTV personality, Luke Patel, was announced as the host. Filming began in June of 2017, and a fall hiatus that started in late August until mid-September, with Fall filming for the last few episodes of the first season. Production of the Fall season is scheduled to end in mid-November. A live episode is planned for early December.

A second full season was announced in September of 2017, with a release date of Spring 2018.


Regular episodes

Regular episodes usually start out with the passing out of the money to the competitors, the explanation of the rules. Then, competitors go out and research on sites such as craigslist, local businesses and sending out calls.


Each contestant is documented by the show's camera operators, Chelsea and Henry (who have worked on Custom PC). The camera being used is the Panasonic 4KHD Camcorder.


AxiomTechTV will broadcast the series on Friday nights, for which it will air in a 90-minute timeslot. It will air on Vision in Canada.

Home release and Syndication

A home media release for the first 4 episodes will be released in March 2017, with the last 6 episodes being released in June of 2017.