Launched December 23, 1999 (T5T)
November 29, 2003 (Tech 5)
January 5, 2007 (RaGETech)
January 1, 2017 (AxiomTechTV)
Owned by Axiom Entertainment
Picture format HDTV 1080i 16:9
(some programming is pillarboxed for 16:9 viewing)
Slogan "Your #1 place for technology, video games, and motoring programming."
Country United States
Language English
Broadcast area United States


AxiomTechTV (previously Take Five Tech, Tech 5, and RaGETech) is an American television channel devoted for technology, video games, and recently, motoring. It launched on December 23, 1999 with Nick Arcade, EP Daily, and Power Play. After the launch of the channel, Select aired, and in 2000, they started to air StarCraft tournaments, and also in 2000 onwards, they provided coverage of the Tokyo Game Show, Jump Festa, and limited coverage of BlizzCon. Since 2017, AxiomTech has provided coverage of Gamescom.

On the 1st of January 2017, Axiom Entertainment rebranded the network after RaGE Media sold the channel to them. Axiom has stated that they'll make sure that gaming and technology will have the recognition they deserve. They also announced that Anime Unleashed will be cut down to a Friday night block. They also said that Top Gear Korea will stay on the channel at it's original time of 4-5am. On the 31st of January, it was announced that Top Gear Korea will be moved into the 12a-1am slot on weekends, with the previous slot being used for reruns of Starcade and Import.


In the summer of 1999, Take Five Group approached Turner Broadcasting System to help launch a technology channel to serve as a competitor to TechTV. A few months later, they started to produce an original series to launch alongside the channel and bought the rights to some shows, such as Video Power, StarCade, GamesMaster, and also acquired some anime as well to air in the nighttime.


Take Five Media approached a local design company to create a logo and bumps for the channel, and in the winter of 1999, the channel was launched at 6am EST with reruns of Computer Chronicles, among other technology related series. It also had it's first original series, Playthru, a series that showcases a game every season.


Most of the programming are acquired, but the channel has said that they will create original programming which will be produced by RaGE Game x RaGE Sports, and Axiom Entertainment.


See more originals here.

  • Select (1999-present)
  • Import (1999-2004;2007-present)
  • LAN Party (1999-2008;2017-present)
    • LAN Party Championships (2001, 2003, 2005, 2007)
  • Bootup (2017-present)
  • Mod This! (2006-2008;2017-present)
  • Axiom Arena (2017-present)
    • Summer Axiom Arena (2017-present)
    • Fall/Winter Axiom Arena (2017-future)
  • Auto-journalists Misadventures (2017-future)
  • iN Development (2017-future)
  • Arcade Warriors (2017-future)
  • Axiom Budget PC Challenge (2017-future)


  • Brainiac (2007-2010;2012;2017-present)
  • Beyond Tomorrow (Towards 2000 & Beyond 2000 included)
  • Cheat!
  • Computer Chronicles (1999-2005;2017-present)
  • CyberCrime
  • Filter
  • Game Developers (2017-present)
  • GameCenter CX (2014-2015;2017)
  • Icons
  • various technology videos from YouTube
  • X-Play (GameSpot TV & Extended Play included)
  • Robot Wars (UK, US, Dutch, German, Nickelodeon series, 2017-present)
  • Top Gear Korea (2014-present)

AxiomTech Action Morning

These shows are on a rotating schedule. The block is filmed live from a small studio in Axiom Studios Florida.

  • ReBoot
  • .hack// series
  • Total Recall 2070
  • Code Lyoko


  • Anime Unleashed (11:30p-2a on Fridays)
  • Web Tech Videos on AxiomTechTV (10a-12:30p; weekdays)
  • World of Longplay (11p-4:30am on Saturday nights, 12a-4:30am on Sunday nights)
  • AxiomTech Action Morning (Saturday mornings from 6a-8a)

Special events

  • Tokyo Game Show (2000-present)
  • Jump Festa (2002-present)
  • QuakeCon (2002-2012;2017-present)
  • Blizzcon (2005;2007-2011;2014-2016)
  • The Gathering (1999;2002-2012;2017-present)
  • Nordic Game Jam (2006-2010;2017-present)
  • EGX (2011-2016)


Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
6:00a Computer Chronicles AxiomTech Action Morning
6:30a Select Tech From Japan
7:00a Retro Computers LAN Party
7:30a Custom PC Retro QuakeCon
8:00a Select Bootup Games World Computer Chronicles
8:30a X-Play Games World
9:00a Select: Bootup - Weekend Edition Good Game: Spawn Point
9:30a Playthru Live
10:00a Web Tech Videos
11:00a Web Tech Videos - Weekend Edition Pulse
11:30a Speedrun
12:00p LAN Party Classic Arena
12:30p Select Classic Cybernet
1:00p The Screen Savers/Attack of the Show Tech Today X-Play
1:30p X-Play CyberCrime
2:00p X-Play Speedrun Computer Chronicles
2:30p Let's Play Mod This! Classic Select Classic
3:00p Select Classic Brainiac
3:30p X-Play
4:00p Icons AxiomTechTV Weekend Afternoon Game_Developers
4:30p eSport Gamer X-Play
5:00p Speedrun Select! Japan Select Saturday repeat
5:30p Mod This!
6:00p GameCenter CX X-Play LAN Party
6:30p Classic Speedrun
7:00p AxiomTechTV Live! Select Saturday Select Sunday
8:00p Select AxiomTechTV Best Of This Week AxiomTechTV Live! Sunday Edition
8:30p Mod This! Retro Computers Retro Tech eSport Gamer Axiom Friday Mod This!
9:00p Speedrun Tech From Japan Custom PC Import Speedrun Playthru
9:30p Playthru Game_Developers
10:00p Select After Dark Select Sunday repeat
10:30p Tech Tonight World of Longplay
11:00p Cheat! Arena Game_Developers World of Longplay
11:30p Icons Select: After Dark rerun Anime Unleashed
12:00a Top Gear Korea Player$ Retro Computers World of Longplay - Weekday Edition
12:30a Bad Influence!
1:00a Speedrun extended Good Game Cybernet
1:30a Player$ VideoGaiden
2:00a Select Rerun Good Game
2:30a Cinematech: Nocturnal Emissions Cinematch Classic
3:00a Vargskelethor Underground
4:30a Robot Wars
5:00a Starcade
5:30a Mod This! Classic episodes

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