Atom Snatchers: The Series is a nicktoon that premired on Saturday, 10/6 2012 on Nickelodeon. It is based off a video game idea I had.

In a dystopian, gloomy world, the evil Emperor Shade is nearing sucess in destroying the world. ... that is, until a teenage hero, Jit, comes to the scene. Jit is a member of a underground rebel force called The Atom Snatchers. Their goal is to save the world from Emperor Shade and foil his plan for world destruction.



The main character of the series. He is a scout member of The Atom Snatchers. He is very feisty and eager and is willing to do anything to stop bad guys.


A robot who is the leader of The Atom Snatchers. He is Jit's mentor and is sort of a father figure to him.

Emperor Shade (Bad guy)

The main antagonist of the series. He was a robot who was neglected by his creator and was destroyed by a virus. However, he was revived as a sinister, cruel machine and formed a plot to destroy the world.


Another scout member of The Atom Snatchers. She is learning how to be a effective Atom Snatcher. Jit has a crush on her.

Crash & Burn( Bad guys)

Emperor Shade's two robotic minions. They usually fighting over which one of the two is Shade's favorite minion. Crash is very stupid and often screws up on most of his missions. Burn is extremley vicious, greedy,violent,paranoid, and just plain delusional.

Molecule (Bad guy)

Molecue was formerly a scientist who studied dinosaurs, but froze herself by accident. She was thawed by Shade and was turned into a robot. She invents weapons for the bad guys.

Beamer (Bad guy)

A former serial killer who was shot in the left eye by a cop. He was turned into a robot by Shade. He fires lazers out of his right eye. His favorite holiday is the 4th of July.


USA: Nick, Nicktoons

Canada: YTV, Nick

France: Nick

UK: Nick, Nicktoons

Spain: Disney Channel

Asia: Cartoon Network

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