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Rick and Mike!

Astro- Nutz is a cartoon about a rabbit named Rick who is mistaken for a astronaut and is sent into space against his will. His rocket crash lands on Htrae, a odd planet of never ending madness, wacky characters, and crazy things.

Theme Song

Go Here.


Rick, a rabbit who was mistaken for a astronaut and was sent into space. He is kind of a scardey - cat.

Mike, A man who befriends Rick. He was sent to Htrae, just like him. He likes to eat pizza. He also pefers pizza and one diet space cola.

Giant Floating Smiling Head, a giant floating head who smiles all the time. He has red eyes.

Spike, a mutant iguana aligator thingy who acts like a dog. He seems to like Rick alot.

RubberFace, a guy who can do alot of cartoony things, like stretching his face and juggling his eyeballs. Most residents of Htrae consider him to be a loonatic. He is friends with Rick.

Dr. Abe Steel, the main villain of the show who is a robot. He wants to capture Rick and do experiments on him. Giant Floating Smiling Head is his assistant.

King Cosmo, A tiny, green alien who is the ruler of Htrae.

Princess Astra, a purple rabbit-like alien who is King Cosmo's daughter. Rick has a crush on her.

Tune, a peace loving alien who likes to do homie things.

Oskar, a red alien with a mustace, a French accent, and green boots. He is the CEO of The Hamburger Factory, a hamburger making manufacturing plant founded by his father. He loves money.

Manny, a polar bear who has a short temper, but is usually nice. He thinks Rick and Mike are his 'Bestness friends for life.


  • Canada: Teletoon
  • US: The Hub
  • UK: Nicktoons
  • Netherlands: Cartoon Network
  • Australia: ABC3
  • New Zealand: Cartoon Network
  • Asia: Nickelodeon
  • China:TN

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