Matthew's World episode

"April Fools Day"

Season 1, Episode 1a
Air date April 20, 2000
Written by Matthew Stone
Bert Ring
Danny Antonucci
Swampy Marsh
Directed by Matthew Stone (storyboard/directon)
Pete Michels (animation)
Derek Drymon (creative)
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April Fools Day is the very first episode for Matthew's World.

Episode Summary

It's April Fools Day, and Matthew cannot wait to prank his friends on that day, he pranked Bryce to feed his nanobot some oil so that he will borrow his Halloween costume to scare him, pranked Mikey to go to and he saw an eyeball robot (a mascot of the website) and runs off, and he even pranked his own mom telling her shoes were untied. But a school bully (Otto) returns to have his revenge on April Fools Day to make mean jokes and destroy Jamestown. Will Matthew save the day with his jokes?


  • First apperance of Phillip and Mikey Lackey.
  • In this episode, Matthew and Xsaviar's house has three windows. The other episodes shows the the house has two windows.
  • This episode and the pilots are the only episodes that have the animation style different than the other episodes do.
  • During the flashback when Otto tries to throw a grenade at Bismarck, he is sightly taller than usual.


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