Species Acadian
Gender Male
Eye color       White
Relatives Prime (grandfather)
Lucifer (father)
Morningstar (brother)
Various other siblings
Affiliation Mage
Primordial Deities
Archenemy Prime
Abilities Darkness manipulation
Alignment Neutral
Debut Bandit Territory
Created by KM

Apollyon is the firstborn child of Lucifer, the grandson of Prime, and the leader of the Primordial Deities, a group consisting of himself and his siblings. Meeting his untimely demise at the hands of his grandfather, Apollyon's vindictiveness towards Prime would cause his soul to reincarnate into various individuals over time in an attempt to possess his hosts and get back at Prime. He would eventually reincarnate into Mage and finally manifest. He was created by KM and debuted in Bandit Territory.



Apollyon is snarky and sarcastic but empathetic, all traits Mage unknowingly inherited from him. He has a great deal of respect for his father, Lucifer, and is very caring and overprotective of his younger siblings, the other Primordial Deities. Lucifer ultimately took advantage of Apollyon's unwavering loyalty and influenced his skepticism of human nature and his turn against his grandfather Prime. Although Apollyon will stop at nothing to get back at Prime, he isn't malevolent, just very misguided.

Powers and abilities

Apollyon's affinity is darkness and he can control all aspects of it for a variety of effects. He can blanket the entire world in darkness, nullify light entirely, control others through shadows, teleport and create portals of sorts by merging with darkness, merge with shadows to spy on others, and more.


Like the rest of the Primordial Deities, Apollyon has no visible orifices. He has glowing white eyes and black gooey-like skin that constantly emanates off of him which occasionally forms into small grey orbs. His skin has a grey celestial tinge. Apollyon has a total of five horns on his face, three on his head and two small horns near his chin. These two horns, along with the rest of his face, are purple. tbe

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