Anonymous Liger is an American variety series which showcases shorts, pilots, and other media consisting in the Kingson network. The series first aired during late nights on the channel from 2005 to 2007, with 26 episodes incased within two seasons, and was later revived on the channel on 2013 (currently ongoing). Various pilots have been pitched here and even became series later on based on a high popularity. Each episode is shown either once or twice a month.

Season 1 (2005-2006)

No. Title Premiere date Status
1. Cardboard Steve August 5, 2005 Not picked up
A man calls for the help of a city hero named "Cardboard Steve" when he is hanging off of a cliff. Note: Short was made using stop motion animation, using cardboard pieces, slightly mimicking a South Park like style.
2. Boneless September 18, 2005 Not picked up
The daily life of a toe bone who communicates with other body parts in the body of a twelve year old child.
3. Pizza Witch October 23, 2005
A pizza delivery boy and his boss get cursed by a witch after giving her the wrong pizza.
4. Wrinkleton's Thanksgiving November 21, 2005
An old grumpy cat is alarmed to find his well achieving brother bring his obnoxious daughters over for thanksgiving.
5. Why, Y-Guy? December 6, 2005
A talking letter gives some terrible advice to children in the area. Note: Short was made live action.
6. Santa Clause X December 24, 2005
The anime adventures of everyone's favorite jolly gift giver as he must prevent the evil Krampus from destroying the holiday spirit.
7. My Very Very Besterest Robot Friend January 2, 2006
A five year old girl befriends an alien robot with plans bent on the destruction of planet Earth.
8. Wrinkleton's Romance February 17, 2006
A sequel to episode four, Wrinkleton the cat falls in love with the cat next-door, and must find a way to express his feelings towards her.
9. Shizzle Dizzle & The Ghost of Lil Rippity Rip March 5, 2006
A gang of wannabe hip hop artists become mystery solvers, who investigate a haunted house, known to be haunted by the ghost of famous DJ, Lil Rippity Rip.
10. Luck March 17, 2006
11. Boom! April 30, 2006
12. May 6, 2006
13. June 13, 2006

Season 2 (2006-2007)

No. Title Premiere date Notes
14. Patriotic Events July 4, 2007 Picked up
15. Unseen August 26, 2007 Picked up
A detective investigates various murders within his shady town. However, he soon gets into the struggle to survive as an invisible humanoid begins stalking him. Note: A film based on this short was announced on December 16, 2016, set to release somewhere in 2018.

Season 3 (2013-2015)

No. Title Premiere date Notes

Season 4 (2016-2018)

No. Title Premiere date Notes

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