Annoying People
Created by KM
Writer(s) KM
Country of origin United States
Original language(s) English
No. of seasons One
Runtime 20 min.
Original channel KM TV
Picture format 1080i (16:9 HDTV)
Audio format Advantage Audio Services 8.0
Dolby Surround 5.1 (NTSC)
First aired June 15, 2019
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Fanonverse Jr.
Fanonverse Sr.

Annoying People is an American animated miniseries created by KM. Set in 2034, the show is a sitcom depicting the daily lives of the families and friends affiliated with Syndicate mythos, such as John, his wife and son or Bagel, his wife and daughter, and others from series such as Squad Æ, The Bagel Show, Mortal Insanity, and to a lesser extent Chaos Adventures. Annoying People first aired on KM TV on June 15, 2019.


Production on Annoying People began in March 2014 but wasn't announced until five months later in August, during KM's unofficial Cartoon Con announcements. The project had scarcely been worked on then and went under a hiatus but was revived a year later in February 2015.



  • John: The husband of Erin and the father of Joe.
  • Bagel: The husband of Lucy and the father of Janet.
  • Matt
  • Nozus
  • Collector: The boyfriend of Ms. Farrot.
  • Hagel
  • Ross: The husband of Tammy and the father of Jake.
  • Spyder: The boyfriend of Web.
  • Web: The father of Huang and boyfriend of Spyder.
  • Invader Rob: The husband of Sophia.
  • Chrome
  • Xelphos: The boyfriend of Tiffany.
  • Bobo: The husband of Clarrisa and the father of Jessie.

  • Erin: The wife of John and the mother of Joe.
  • Tammy: The wife of Ross and the mother of Jake.
  • Tiffany: The girlfriend of Xelphos.
  • Selena
  • Sophia: The wife of Rob.
  • Lucy: The wife of Bagel and the mother of Janet.
  • Ms. Farrot: The girlfriend of Collector.
  • Clarrisa: The wife of Bobo and the mother of Jessie.

  • Luthor:
  • Huang:
  • Hailey:
  • Prince Jerk:


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Country Network(s) Premiere date Timeslot
United States
Krazy'z Channel of Krazinezz
• June 15, 2019

Fan service and suggestions

Have any suggestions for the show? Leave a comment explaining what you'd like to see in Annoying People, and KM will either approve or disapprove of your idea. Your suggestions may range from how an episode should turn out to the fate of a specific character or a relationship between two, cameo appearances, trivial easter eggs, and so on. Frivolous suggestions will be ignored. Episode ideas should be posted on the comments section of the episode page.